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All Course offering listed below are tentative and subject to change. Consult your advisor for more precise scheduling information.

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  2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012
  F Sp Su F Sp Su F Sp Su
SPME 110 Introduction to Exercise Science X     X     X    
BIOL 230 Human Anatomy X X   X X   X X  
SPME 250 Motor Developement & Learning X           X    
BIOL 270 Principles of Human Physiology X X   X X   X X  
SPME 320 Psychology of Exercise         X        
SPME 330 Musculoskeletal Anatomy & Kinesiology X X   X     X X  
SPME 360 Physiology of Exercise   X   X X     X  
SPME 410 Neuroscience & Motor Control   X     X     X  
SPME 430 Biomechanics of Human Movement   X     X     X  
SPME 440 Neuromuscular Adaptions to Training       X          
SPME 450 Foundations of Health & Fitness         X        
SPME 460 Exercise in Health & Disease X     X     X    
SPME 590 Research in Sports Med X X   X X   X X  
SPME 595 Field work in Sports Medicine X X   X X   X X  
SPME 598 Health & Fitness Internship   X     X     X  
BA 400 Venture Initiation X X   X X   X X  
CHEM 120/120L General Chem I X X   X X   X X  
CHEM 121/121L General Chem II   X ?   X ?   X ?
CHEM 301 Elementary Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry   X     X     X  
CHEM 310 Organic Chemistry I X     X     X    
CHEM 311 Organic Chemistry II   X     X     X  
MATH 103 College Algebra X X   X X   X X  
MATH 104 Trigonometry X     X     X    
MATH 210 Analytic Geometry & Calculus I X X   X X   X X  
MATH 316 Statistical Research Methods X X   X X   X X  
MATH 317 Statistics & Research Methods Lab I X X   X X   X X  
NUTR 340 Sports Nutrition   ?     X     ?  
PHYS 202 Basic Physics I X X   X X   X X  
PHYS 203 Basic Physics II X X   X X   X X  
SPME 350 Human Prosection   X     ?     ?  
SPME 108 Scientific Foundations of Sport Performance                  
SPME 300 Foundations of Coaching X     X     X    
SPME 310 Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries   ?     ?     ?  
SPME 412 Social & Psych Aspects of Sports Perfomance   ?           ?  

This schedule is intended for planning purposes only and does not constitute a guarantee on the part of Seaver College to offer all classes as indicated. Seaver College reserves the right to change this schedule based on faculty availability or other factors. Updated schedules will be posted on the web site or made available in division offices.


X - Classes will be offered

? - Classes may be offered