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Computer Science: Second Year

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Fall Semester    Spring Semester

Fall Semester

MATH 211, Calculus II (4)
COSC 320, Data Structures (4)

Data Structures continues the object-oriented paradigm from Computer Science II. The course presents data structures that are essential to programming, such as hash tables, stacks, queues, trees, and graphs, as systems of cooperating objects. This approach gives more depth to object-oriented design principles. The course continues to use an industry mainstream language, C++.

Spring Semester

MATH 212, Calculus III (4)
COSC 330, Computer Systems
(3) PHYS 210, Physics I (5)

Computer Systems presents a unified picture of system architecture based on four layers of abstraction: high-order, assembly, operating system, and machine. Each layer has its own language: Java, assembly language, operating system calls, and machine language respectively. The course emphasizes the relationship between the layers by exploring the translation process using finite state machines. A software project to do a translation using the Java programming language enhances studentsÕ programming skill. The switch from C++ to Java in Computer Systems furthers our goal of students learning multiple languages in the curriculum.

Physics I introduces students to the most fundamental of the experimental sciences and to the scientific method. The laws of physics provide an understanding of how physical systems work and are the basis of computer modeling of the physical world.