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Computer Organization: COSC 425 (3)

Hardware organization and design. The logic gate level—combinational and sequential circuits and devices. The microprogramming level—microarchitecture, microprograms. The machine level—CPU designs, instruction formats, addressing modes, floating point formats. Parallel architectures. Occasional laboratory sessions.

Prerequisite: COSC 330

Hours Topic
The Logic Gate Level (13 hours)
2.0 Boolean algebra and logic gates
2.0 Combinational analysis
2.0 Combinational design
2.0 Combinational devices
2.0 Latches and clocked flip-flops
2.0 Sequential analysis
1.0 Sequential design
The Microprogramming Level (12 hours)
1.0 The data section of the CPU
1.0 The control section of the CPU
2.0 Microinstructions—timing, sequencing
2.0 Macroinstructions
1.0 Microassembly language
2.0 Microprograms, nanoprograms
1.0 Pipelining
2.0 Cache memory
The Machine Level (7 hours)
2.0 Instruction formats
2.0 Addressing modes
1.0 Flow of control
2.0 IEEE floating point standards
Parallel Architectures (3 hours)
1.0 Taxonomy of parallel computers
1.0 Single instruction, multiple data architectures
1.0 Multiple instruction, multiple data architectures

Total: 35.0 hours, excluding holidays, review sessions, and exams 

*Fifty-minute class hours

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