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About the International Studies and Languages Division

The International Studies and Languages Division comprises International Studies, Modern Languages, and Asian Studies. The aim of International Studies and Languages Division is to foster international perspectives among Seaver College students and faculty through curriculum, forums, and residential programs abroad.

International Studies is an interdisciplinary major comprised of a sequence of courses in international politics, economics, and communication. Students may further specialize in one of seven functional or regional areas such as Political Studies, International Management Studies, International/Intercultural Communication Studies, Asian Studies, European Studies, or Latin American Studies.

Our Language Programs prepare students to interact successfully with native speakers and develop perspective into another culture not otherwise possible. The major is comprised of courses in language acquisition, linguistics, rhetoric, literature and culture. Careers include professional fields such as translation, interpretation, education, missions, international business, foreign service, health services, and social work. Modern Languages courses also meet Seaver College's Foreign Language General Education (GE) requirement.

Asian Studies offers courses that fulfill both Pepperdine's Non-Western Cultures and Foreign Language GE requirements. It also oversees the Asian Studies specialization of International Studies.