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Graduate Tuition and Cost

Master of the Arts in American Studies

American Studies Tuition

The American Studies graduate program (AMST) operates at a discounted tuition rate. Students can expect tuition rates to increase each year. The AMST discounted tuition increases at the same percentage as the college rate. For additional graduate costs of attendance visit the Estimating Costs page

2018-2019 Tuition

Graduate Tuition

$1685 per unit

AMST Tuition

$445 per unit

Graduate Scholarly Development Fee

$60 per semester

Keck Fellowship

An AMST Keck Fellow is a currently employed Southern California Middle or High School teacher who receives an award of $960.

Any cost associated with other transactions with the University are not part of the fellowship and are a personal obligation.

  • These costs might include adding or dropping a class, fees associated with maintaining continuous enrollment before the comprehensive exam, etc.
  • A student who drops a class or withdraws from the University is solely responsible for the tuition and other fees associated with the transaction. For example, if a student withdraws from a lass in mid-term, the withdrawal fee and the tuition cost previously covered by the Keck Fellowship becomes the personal obligation of the student. 

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