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Haus meines Herzens

The Campaign to Renovate Moore Haus
From Ebene Ein to Rooftop Freizeitzimmer!

Pepperdine's century-old Moore Haus in Heidelberg, Germany, cherished by thousands of Waves as "Haus meines Herzens" (House of my Heart), will undergo a much-needed multimillion-dollar renovation in 2014-2015 that seeks to rally the support of all whose lives were changed at Graimbergweg 10.

The grand manse overlooking Old Town and the beautiful Neckar River Valley is over 100 years old and in desperate need of restoration, renewal, and reconfiguration. Beginning in summer 2014, Pepperdine University will underwrite a substantial portion of the anticipated $5 million project cost, addressing the most urgent infrastructure issues that must be addressed in order to keep the Haus operational.

Alumni and friends are invited to rally around a $1 million challenge campaign to help see this vital project to completion for generations of Waves to come.

The Moore Haus project will:

  • Renovate and upgrade infrastructure, including electrical and plumbing, to ensure safety and city code compliance.
  • Upgrade technologies for academic, residential, and personal use.
  • Redefine and remodel residential, study, and recreational spaces with improved traffic patterns while increasing student capacity by 4-6 beds.
  • Relocate and expand accommodations of the resident-faculty family to the tower, providing more privacy for the family and bringing all students into the main Haus.
  • Preserve the historic stature and facade of Moore Haus.

Heidelberg Class of 1984-1985

The Heidelberg Class Challenge

Many Heidelberg classes are working toward 100% class participation! All donations, regardless of size, are an investment in the preservation of your memories at Moore Haus. This is an opportunity to pay it forward for future generations of "Heidelbergers."

The Heidelberg Class of 1984-1985 is the first class to reach 100% class participation, paying it forward to future generations living in Moore Haus!

The classes with the highest participation will be recognized at the celebration in Heidelberg in summer 2016!



Exterior of Moore Haus

Do you want to see what is happening in Heidelberg at your home? Take a look at the renovations being done on Moore Haus.


Preview of the Moore Haus floor plans

Do you want to see where your bedroom was and what changes are being done? Take a look at the floor plans for Moore Haus.

Heidelberg group photo in front of the river

Do you want to see some of your classmates' memories from Heidelberg? Take a look at photos remembering your time in Moore Haus.

Danke! Thank you for leaving your mark on Moore Haus! Join this growing group of Moore Haus supporters whose collective gifts and pledges total $905,207!

Jacqueline Anderson
Claudia Arnold Preston
Jamie Arvizu
Lauren Baldwin
Danielle Ball
Kim Barkis
Michele Barona
Julia Barr
Paul Bayne
Chet Beiler
Megan Beimer
Greg and Kelly Bennett
Andrew K. Benton
Heidi Bernard
Jane Biel
Colleen Blankenship
Victoria Blunt
Emily Bost-Baxter
Paul and Alyssa Bost
Nikki Bouchein
Bruce Bradberry
Kathryn Brock
Matthew Broms
Heather Bruce
Erika Burgess
Pearl Burns
Chris Cannon
Jason Castro
Robert Clark
Paisley Clowe
Mario Colitti
Brian Cordova-Brookey
Marco and Lauren Cosentino
Michelle Crews
Mallory Cummins
Kimberly Dahm
Jill Daniels
Judith Davis-Brook
Debbie DeHaven
Kindy DeLong
Cynthia Diaz
Natalia Diez
Inga Dolezar
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Matthew and Kimberly Ebeling
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Maggie Ethridge-Ureno
Ryan Falkner
Christine Fanous
Ranada Fergerson
Christine Fisher
Robyn Geis
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Julie Gibson
Jennifer Gray
David Greer
Brett Gregor
James Haberstock
Alan Hall
Jared and Natalie Hankins
Ken and Ashley Hanscom
Allen Haren
Melissa Hart

Victoria Harvey
Amy Bost-Henegar
Kristin Hill
Keith Hinkle
Connie Horton
Melanie Hunter
Katherine Hubbard
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Patty Ige-Lui
Sara Jackson
Kristina James
David Johnson
Sabrina Jones
Robert and Loretta Katch
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Ron Keller
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Denis Kilgore
Donald and Elizabeth King
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Don and Lisa Koontz
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Keith Labnow
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Steven Lemley
John and Deanne Lewis
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Matthew and Sarah MacDonald
Katherine Magenheimer
Jeffrey Maloney
Carolyn Marshall
Angela Martins
David Marvin
Kathy Mattmiller-Roberts
Carri McBride
Judith McKee
Alec and Katie McNayr
Deborah McNeil
Richmond and Janet McPherson
Robert and Sandra Meadows
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