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Inspired by the Headlines: Set a Wave in Motion

Each morning, my day starts with me logging onto Twitter. In a matter of seconds, I am flooded with news articles that keep me updated on local and global happenings. While the ability to gain access to news has never been easier, it has become increasingly difficult to continue to absorb it.

Day after day, week after week, there seems to be a new disaster our community, our country, and our global home faces. From wildfires to earthquakes, hurricanes to mass shootings, these past few months have been rough.

If the current state of events has left you have feeling disheartened and helpless, I have a simple solution for you: do something! No matter how small of an act you do, you will be creating ripples that have an endless reach.

Students at Step Forward Day

Change Starts with an Act

The idea of doing good and giving back is embodied in Pepperdine's motto "freely ye received, freely give." These five simple words promote the University's commitment to instilling a sense of purpose, service, and leadership in students. It additionally serves as a reminder that there are always ways to make a difference and spark a change. Convinced that your small acts won't make a difference? I've got a story for you.

One day, during a stroll down the beach, an old man observed children in the distance throwing objects into the ocean. As he neared closer, he noticed they were tossing sand dollars that had been washed ashore back into the water. Surrounded by hundreds of sand dollars laying on the beach, the man said "There are far too many, surely you will not make a difference." After tossing another sand dollar back into the ocean, one of the children replied, "I made a difference for that one."

Like the children in the story, Pepperdine promotes the notion that one small act made by one person can, in fact, make a difference. As an aid to help students lead a life of service, the office of Community Engagement and Service highlights ways in which students can make a difference.

Seaver students volunteering

A Career in Doing Good

If you are committed to living a life of service and would like to turn your passion for helping into a career, you might want to consider minoring in Seaver College's nonprofit management. The minor prepares students for leadership positions in the nonprofit sector.

Students minoring in nonprofit management are required to complete a Service Leadership Project. The project enables students to serve as consultants for non profit organizations throughout the semester of the course.

Beyond taking courses focusing on the nonprofit sector, Pepperdine graduates often continue their service and stewardship beyond their time on campus. Recently, alums Arian Behboodi and Zachary Darwish launched the GivnGo app.

With a simple tagline "By sharing your spare change, you can make the world change!" the app encourages users to round up to the next whole dollar amount on each purchase they make. The extra cents or "Karma Coins" are then collected by the app and donated to a charity of the user's choosing.

Whether you choose to round up your next purchases, get involved in the community, or travel abroad to help struggling nations, know that your actions make a difference. If you are interested in setting the waves in motion and joining the Pepperdine community, be sure to contact your admission counselor.