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Nolan Gentile

Hometown: Westlake Village, California
Status: Senior
Major: Biology



Academic Accolades

  • Presented on the American Dipper at Southern California Conferences for Undergraduate Research
  • United States Geological Survey Internship
  • Collaborated with the National Parks Service and Fish and Wildlife
  • Field Research Experiences and Coauthoring a Year-Long Stream Biodiversity and Geomorphology Project


  • Climbing Club
  • Behavioral Ecology Lab

Service Projects

  • Malibu Beach Cleanups
  • Waves of Flags

"I am a leader of the Behavioral Ecology Lab this year and led the United States Geological Survey this past summer, adding my mark to a 30-year-long database studying the California newt-one of the most toxic animals on the planet! Pepperdine's well-rounded curriculum has equipped me with the tools needed to thrive in a field that I love, preparing me to work with parks and rec, fish and wildlife, or other sustainable future outlets."

Nolan's participation in the Behavioral Ecology Lab has prepared him for a career in a field he is passionate about.