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Kimberly Gerling Seaver voices profile

Kimberly Gerling

Hometown: Arlington Heights, IL
Status: Junior
Major: Chemist

Academic Accolades

  • American Chemical Society Meeting Presenter
  • Research Published in the Dalton Transactions


  • Army ROTC
  • Chemistry Researcher/Grader

Service Projects

  • Malibu Science Night
  • Science Lab Days with L.A. Public Elementary Schools

"One of the most important mentors I have at Pepperdine is my research advisor, Dr. Joe Fritsch with whom I have worked with since the second semester of my first year conducting research in the inorganic chemistry lab. I am especially proud of my accomplishments in chemistry research and I was recently published in the Dalton Transactions with Dr. Fritsch and a recent Pepperdine alumnus. I have also had the opportunity through the Natural Science Division to present my research at various national conferences. Dr. Fritsch has been a great person to talk to for academic advice and is willing to help with all the issues college has thrown at me. I don't think this type of mentorship would have been possible at any other school and it has really shaped my time at Pepperdine and helped to prepare me for medical school."

Kimberly has presented her inorganic chemistry research findings at national conferences and has been published in professional science journals.