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Summer School Cost Estimator

Please Note: You can only enter one program at a time, so if you plan to attend two or more summer terms, you will have to enter them all separately and then add the total charges together.

Summer School Estimator

1-Select a Program

2-Input your Information

Number of Units:


Tuition Grant Percentage:

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Faculty/Staff Tuition Benefit Percentage:

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Total Grant % (Based on Fall/Spring):


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3-Click the Calculate Button Below to Review Your Results

Tuition Type:
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Cost Per Unit:
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Estimated Financial Assistance Detail for Your Selected Program

Total Tuition:

Other Expenses:

Total Budget:


Tuition Grant Amount:

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Grant/Benefit Total:


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Pepperdine Work Program:

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* Remaining Cost:

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* Remaining cost may be paid by cash, check, or loan. Loans require a separate application, lender approval and may require a co-signer.

To try another scenario, click the Reset button and repeat steps 1-3 above.

Only students that had a work award during the fall or spring academic year will qualify for a Pepperdine work award during the summer. This is applicable to Malibu summer programs only. Personal expenses are only applicable to students enrolled in 6 or more units, even though that field populates on the Summer Estimator for all programs.

Loans are credit-based and may require a cosigner. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you apply for the loan as soon as possible. If loan fees are applicable, they will be incorporated into the summer budget at a later date. Your tuition grant percentage, and/or faculty-staff discount combined cannot exceed tuition. This is only an estimated award. You are required to accept or decline each financial assistance item by clicking on the Accept/Decline link in the Student Service Center on your WaveNet account at https://wavenet.pepperdine.edu. Students not making satisfactory academic progress are not eligible for summer financial assistance. Students participating in one or more Malibu summer programs will be charged a $42.00 flat rate Campus Life fee.