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Please Note: You can only enter one program at a time, so if you plan to attend two or more summer terms, you will have to enter them all separately and then add the total charges together.

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* Remaining cost may be paid by cash, check, or loan. Loans require a separate application, lender approval and may require a co-signer.

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Only students that had a work award during the fall or spring academic year will qualify for a Pepperdine work award during the summer. This is applicable to Malibu summer programs only. Personal expenses are only applicable to students enrolled in 6 or more units, even though that field populates on the Summer Estimator for all programs.

Loans are credit-based and may require a cosigner. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you apply for the loan as soon as possible. If loan fees are applicable, they will be incorporated into the summer budget at a later date. Your tuition grant percentage, and/or faculty-staff discount combined cannot exceed tuition. This is only an estimated award. To be awarded, you must have registered for classes by the May 1 deadline. You are required to accept or decline each financial assistance item by clicking on the Accept/Decline link in the Student Service Center on your WaveNet account at Students not making satisfactory academic progress are not eligible for summer financial assistance. Students participating in one or more Malibu summer programs will be charged a $42.00 flat rate Campus Life fee.