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January 2021 Session


  • The January Session tuition is $250 per unit for students who were full-time for the Fall and/or Spring Semester. If you were not full-time for either Fall/Spring, the tuition per unit will be $1,810.
  • Students are only eligible to take up to 5 units during the January Session.
  • Institutional grants and scholarships cannot be used for the January Session.
  • Financial aid for the January 2021 session will disburse on January 5, 2021 for those that qualify.
  • Federal Loans

    • If you want to utilize loan funds to help pay for your January tuition charges and would like to be considered for a Federal Direct Subsidized, Federal Direct Unsubsidized and/or Federal Direct Parent PLUS loan, please send a request to finaid2@pepperdine.edu.
    • The Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan requires your parent to complete a new Federal Direct PLUS Application which is subject to credit approval with the Department of Education for the loan to be processed.
    • Federal Loans will need to be accepted and To Do List items must be completed by December 15, 2020, for a timely disbursement at the beginning of the January 2021 Session.

    Student Athletes

    • Please contact the Athletic Department and Veronica Basadre (finaid2@pepperdine.edu) in the Financial Assistance Office to inquire about how your athletic aid would apply.