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Graduate Student Terms and Conditions

By accepting the financial aid package and/or enrollment in classes offered by Pepperdine University, Seaver College, the student agrees to comply with the terms and conditions listed below, acknowledging that you are the student:
  • Financial information reported on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) may be verified against federal tax documents, IRS Data Retrieval Tool, and other verification documents if you are selected for Verification. Any conflicting information may result in changes, reductions, and/or cancellations to my financial assistance package.
  • The Office of Financial Assistance uses the Pepperdine email and WaveNet accounts to send messages regarding updates, adjustments, and/or cancellation/non-renewal of financial assistance. It is my responsibility to review my "To Do List," read my email and comply when necessary with required requests.
  • I understand that Verification is the process in which my FAFSA data is selected for review and I am required to submit all requested copies of documents as listed on my "To Do List" in order to complete my financial assistance process. I understand that all required documents must be submitted, verified and processed before my financial aid is disbursed.
  • I understand that finance charges accrue daily on past due balances. If financial assistance is delayed, reduced or cancelled it is my responsibility to find other resources to pay all charges prior to the due date in order to avoid finance charges. Furthermore, I understand that, during peak periods, it may take 4-6 weeks after all documents are submitted to process my financial assistance file due to the high volume of documents received and the time constraints of the verification process. All submitted documents must be accurate and complete no later than August 1 to avoid finance charges for the Fall term. All submitted documents must be accurate and complete no later than Dec. 1 to avoid finance charges for the Spring term.
  • I understand that I must report in writing to the Office of Financial Assistance any changes in financial, marital, or academic status (including, but not limited to, changes in enrolled units). Failure to notify our office will result in a delay in adjusting your financial award, which may result in finance charges to your account.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to resolve technical and/or computer challenges regarding my Pepperdine email and WaveNet accounts. The HELP desk is available at (310) 506-HELP or (866) 767-8623.
  • I must meet all federal eligibility requirements, as specified on the FAFSA, to receive federal financial assistance.
  • I understand that need-based grants provided by the University may not in themselves, or when combined with scholarships, exceed the need level (as calculated by the federal formula) or cost of tuition. Furthermore, I understand that my aid cannot exceed the standard Cost of Attendance.
  • I understand that institutional need-based grants are tuition-specific awards and may only be applied to my current tuition charges. If I am offered other grants, scholarships, benefits, or outside awards that cover or exceed tuition, my institutional need-based grants will be reduced or cancelled.
  • I understand that I may request in writing an increase to my Cost of Attendance based on Room/Board/Housing and Residence Life/Health Insurance, books, computer, child care, etc. charges as long as those fees are charged to my Student Account and/or sufficient documentation is provided, which may include receipts, bank statements, etc.
  • I understand that need-based merit aid, specifically departmental scholarships, offered by the University or any outside agency to current students may exceed tuition and fees but cannot exceed the standard cost of attendance.
  • I understand that the Office of Financial Assistance reserves the right to revise my financial assistance. Modifications to this offer may be required by reductions or elimination in state, federal, or institutional funding; corrections or changes in the data reported; receipt of additional resources, or other eligibility criteria.
  • I must immediately report to the Office of Financial Assistance any outside scholarship(s) or tuition benefits so that all financial assistance may be coordinated according to policy.
  • I understand that any scholarship or grant assistance received in excess of tuition, fees, books, and required supplies may be subject to federal taxation.
  • I certify that any funds received from federal, state, private, or institutional programs will be used only for expenses related to the cost of attendance at Pepperdine University, Seaver College.
  • I understand my financial assistance may be subject to change without notice due to reduction, cancellation, verification, audit or changes in institutional, federal and/or state programs.
  • I understand that, typically, grants are based on financial need, whereas scholarships are based on merit, test scores, grades and/or special talents.
  • I understand that all scholarships, grants, loans and private/outside awards will be evenly disbursed to my student account, one half each semester.
  • I understand all loans are estimated, must be accepted, require separate application, and may be adjusted due to changes in enrollment status, verification of income, or additions of other types of aid. Graduate PLUS and alternative loans are based on credit and are subject to approval by the lending institution. Loan fees may be deducted from the loan proceeds prior to disbursement of the loan. I understand that I should follow-up with my loan(s) status of approval and/or denial, and furthermore, I understand the University cannot be responsible for my adverse credit.
  • I understand that Perkins loan require that I follow all instructions from the loan servicer, Educational Computer Systems Inc. (ECSI) after it is accepted in WaveNet. I understand that I am required to complete the promissory note, disclosures, and self-certification from ECSI according to the instructions provided by ECSI. I also understand this process may take two weeks or longer to complete, therefore my loan will not disburse and my financial hold will not be cleared until all required documents are completed, submitted and processed. Private alternative loans require the same disclosures and may take two weeks or longer to process.
  • I authorize my federal and private loans, grants and scholarships to cover any finance charges that may be charged to my student account.
  • I understand it is my responsibility to research and review lenders before applying or re-applying for alternative loans. I also understand it is my responsibility to read the promissory note(s), terms, and conditions, as borrower benefits are subject to change at any time without notice.
  • Federal loan recipients are required by law to complete Entrance Counseling prior to the first loan disbursement. Upon separation from Pepperdine, I must complete Exit Counseling. These counseling sessions may be completed online at www.studentloans.gov.
  • By accepting a Direct Graduate PLUS loan on my award, I consent to the U.S. Department of Education and its agents obtaining a report of my credit record and using the information from that report in determining whether to make a Direct PLUS Loan to me. I understand that I will be notified in writing of the results of the credit check with respect to my loan application.
  • I understand I have the right to cancel all or any portion of the loan(s) that I accept on the Financial Aid Award Summary. I am required to notify the Office of Financial Assistance of my cancellation request prior to disbursement.
  • I understand I am required to Accept/Decline financial aid in WaveNet. Failure to accept institutional grants, scholarships and/or loans within 30 days of enrollment may risk cancellation of these funds.
  • My submission of my enrollment confirmation and subsequent registration and enrollment indicates my approval of the release of certain information to parties outside of the University who are providing scholarship assistance to Pepperdine students. The information released may include any one of my student attributes such as name, GPA, test scores, home town, ethnicity, major, etc.
  • I understand I must make satisfactory academic progress SAP in order to remain eligible for financial aid. SAP is monitored at the end of each term, including summer. The following areas are monitored: maximum time frame, qualitative standard, and pace (quantitative standard). An explanation of the policies is listed in the school catalog.
  • I understand that a complete withdrawal from school may negatively impact my current financial assistance eligibility and may create an outstanding balance on my account. I am required to consult with the Office of Financial Assistance concerning the effects of a withdrawal or change in course load. Furthermore I understand it is my responsibility to pay all charges owed at the time of withdrawal or dismissal.