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Falone Serna

Director of Admission

Email: Falone.Serna@pepperdine.edu
Phone: 310-506-4392

Hometown: Chicago, IL
University of La Verne (BA), California State University Fullerton (MA)
Major: Communications (BA, MA)

Favorite Spot on Campus

Any of the Tyler Campus Center outdoor patio areas for the stunning views, and Jamba Juice because it's my daughter's favorite!

Tips for Applying

Top 4 recommendations for applying

My recommendation begins with being selective in narrowing down the list of schools to apply to by:

  1. Identifying institutions that offer opportunities that match your learning style and will challenge you appropriately.
  2. Identifying institutions that provide a social community that matches your morals and values, and where you will feel comfortable and supported.
  3. Gaining an understanding of the institution's mission, and thinking about how it relates to your future goals and plans.
  4. Becoming familiar with an institution's academic profile to set your expectations accordingly.

If the schools you apply to match these criteria it will be apparent in your application why you should be considered for admission without you having to do much extra.

Advice for essays and supplemental question

Make sure your writing reflects your true voice and your values, and avoid trying to fit a mold you think the admission committee is looking for, because that typically falls flat if it is not genuine.

Other General Advice

This can be an overwhelming process, so take advantage of the resources you have at your disposal that will support your college search and application processes, especially your college or guidance counselors!

Working in the Office of Admission

My favorite aspect about working in the Office of Admission

Knowing that the decisions coming from our office will be a driver in shaping the community and culture at Pepperdine. It motivates me to work hard at making sure we are recruiting the right students for the university.

What I enjoy about traveling the country and meeting prospective Pepperdine students

Given all of the amazing things that students who attend and graduate from Pepperdine accomplish, I appreciate being the entry point for many of them and getting to be a small part of their journey.