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Mallory Erwin

Admission Counselor

Hometown: Adrian, Michigan
Seaver College Class of 2018
Major: Theatre and Media Production
Email: mallory.erwin@pepperdine.edu
Phone: (310) 506-4392

Favorite Spot on Campus

My favorite spot on campus is the Smothers Theatre stage. It smells like music, magic, and stories up there, and it carries so many amazing memories of putting on great productions with my friends and professors.

Tips for Applying

Top 3 recommendations for applying

  1. Start early, so you have a lot of time to get materials collected and get the creative juices flowing for your essays, and stay organized (a good spreadsheet will be your friend).
  2. Do some research on the University by exploring our website or, even better, coming to campus for a tour. You'll be able to see yourself here more clearly and incorporate your vision of how you'd contribute to our mission into your application!
  3. When you feel overwhelmed by how much there is to do, try to break down the application process into a series of manageable steps, rather than one monolithic task. Then, just take it one step at a time, focusing only on the step at hand before moving on to the next one.

Advice for essays and supplemental question

Instead of trying to cram all of your accomplishments into such short essays, focus deeply on one meaningful aspect of your life, using it as a colorful, detailed snapshot through which we can see more of your personality and unique story. Think of this essay not as a place to restate all of the activities you listed in your main application form, but as extra space to paint us a picture of who you are with something specific.

Other General Advice

Don't put too much pressure on yourself to choose the "right" major when you're filling out your application. There is so much you will learn, both at college and in life, that could change how you see things or introduce you to new interests that aren't anywhere on your radar yet. Changing majors—even changing careers—is normal. Give yourself lots of grace.

Working in the Office of Admission

My favorite aspect about working in the Office of Admission

My favorite aspect about working in the Office of Admission is connecting to high school students on a deeper level. I love watching their expressions change from anxious to confident as I explain how they can put together a competitive application, and I love reading their essays to get a closer look into their personalities.

Highlights From My Time at Pepperdine

The first thing I thought when I learned I was accepted to Pepperdine

I did it! I got in! My hard work meant something!

The main reason I decided to attend Pepperdine

As I applied to many different colleges for my interests in theatre and film, I found that most institutions made applicants choose one of those fields to study exclusively, rather than permitting the study of both at the same time. Because I wanted flexibility and a broad base of knowledge in entertainment, Pepperdine's Theatre and Media Production program (now Theatre and Screen Arts) seemed to be just what I was looking for.
Additionally, Pepperdine felt like the right community for me. I come from a very small town, so having Pepperdine's tightly-knit community to support me as I navigated big-city living in Los Angeles was exactly what I needed.

Activities, clubs, and service projects I was involved with

I was involved with many theatre department productions and student films, even winning several awards at Reel Stories Film Festival. I was also involved with SGA as a representative for the London International Program in the 2015-2016 academic year, and served as a director for KWVS radio. In addition, I was a part of NewsWaves, New Student Orientation, SongFest, and Step Forward Day.

My favorite professor

Dr. James Hicks was my favorite professor. He taught a number of history and humanities classes in London. I have never met another professor with his ability to sit down at the desk at the front of the classroom, with no PowerPoint and nothing but a bottle of water in hand, and make history come alive with the power of good storytelling alone. He could make any person or event exciting, and painted such vivid pictures with his words.

How I developed spiritually at Pepperdine

I came to really enjoy and appreciate being a part of small groups devoted to deep thought and discussion about spirituality, both from a Christian perspective and from a range of other faiths and viewpoints. Learning from the experiences of others broadened my horizons and allowed me to form meaningful friendships and connections with so many wonderful people.

The highlight of my Pepperdine experience

My year abroad in London was the highlight of my Pepperdine experience, hands-down. It genuinely transformed me and began to shape me into the person I am today in powerful ways. I met my best friends on that program (who are still my best friends six years later), I found new passions, and I experienced history and culture in tangible, exhilarating ways I never could have imagined.

Where I studied abroad

London, England