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Sophie Egliht

Admission Counselor

Home Town: Pflugerville, Texas
Seaver College Class of 2022
Major: Psychology 
Email: sophia.egliht@pepperdine.edu
Phone: 310-506-4392

Favorite Spot on Campus

My favorite spot on campus is really anywhere on main campus. You can almost always run into someone you know to walk to class with, go to the library with or grab some food with, and that helps make Pepperdine feel like home. 

Tips For Applying

Top 3 recommendations for applying

  1. Do your research on Pepperdine. It is important to find out for yourself if you see yourself fitting into the mission of Pepperdine.
  2. Be authentic to who you are and showcase that. We want to get to know who you are and what you care about.
  3. Visit campus if it is possible for you! This is a great way to envision yourself in the community and determine if it is a place you could see yourself living.

Advice for essays and supplemental question

Use the essay questions as a way for us to get to know who you are beyond your GPA and activities section. 

Other general advice

Use your admission counselor as a resource! We are here to help you if you need it and want your application process to be as smooth as possible.

Working in the Office of Admission

My favorite aspect about working in the Office of Admission

My favorite aspect about working in the Office of Admission is getting to help students as they navigate the application process. It can be a stressful time in one’s life and we have the opportunity to alleviate some of the stress and offer guidance as they make such an impactful decision for their future.

Highlights From My Time at Pepperdine

The main reason I decided to attend Pepperdine

I decided to attend Pepperdine because of the community, strong academics, and international presence.

My favorite class

Intro to social work was by far one of my favorite classes I took at Pepperdine. I was able to learn about social justice and the inequities that people face in their lives. I also took this class during COVID when we were online and I was still able to build a strong community with my classmates and professor.  

Activities, clubs, and service projects I was involved with

During my time at Pepperdine I was a member of Pi Beta Phi, I was a volunteer leader with Young Life in West LA, I worked for the boys and girls club in Malibu, and was a student worker in the Office of Admission.

The highlight of my Pepperdine experience

One of my favorite experiences during my time at Pepperdine was getting to study abroad during my sophomore year. I was able to explore so many different places while also building some of the most important relationships in my life.

Where I studied abroad

Heidelberg, Germany