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Eddie Mejia

Admission Counselor

Hometown: Downey, CA
California State University Chico class of 2017
Major: History
Email: eddie.mejia@pepperdine.edu
Phone: 310-506-4392

Favorite Spot on Campus

The Terrace next to Tyler Campus Center is my favorite spot on campus. When walking around campus, the terrace is always a great place to stop and enjoy everything around you. Whether standing at the edge to view the beauty of campus and Malibu or sitting under the tree and appreciating the shade from the California sun, it's always an enjoyable spot on campus.

Tips for Applying

Top 3 recommendations for applying

  1. If given the opportunity, visit the campus. Find out if you see yourself calling Pepperdine your home for college!
  2. Find out about the resources on campus that will help you grow and develop not only as a student but also as person.
  3. Completing the application early allows you to anticipate any bumps in the road. You want to make sure you have enough time to ensure the best application possible.

Advice for essays and supplemental question

Always try to have multiple eyes on your application. It doesn't hurt to have multiple people to look at your application to check for errors, give advice, and assist you in the process.

Other General Advice

Don't be afraid to establish what makes you unique. That may be a reason why we see you as a contributing member of the Pepperdine community.

Working in the Office of Admission

My favorite aspect about working in the Office of Admission

My favorite part of working in the Office of Admission is having the chance to impact students so they can go on to have a wonderful college experience; one that they will reflect back upon fondly years from now.

What I enjoy about traveling the country and meeting prospective Pepperdine students

Getting to travel to different places to meet people from all over that make up the diverse campus that Pepperdine has.