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Kelly Sullenberger

Regional Admission Counselor

Home Town: Danville, CA
Sonoma State University Class of 2017
Major: History
Email: kelly.sullenberger@pepperdine.edu
Phone: 310-506-4392

Favorite Spot on Campus

My favorite spot on campus is the track. Not only is it a great place to go for a walk during a break in your day, but you get to take in the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and a 360-degree view of Pepperdine's campus. If you're lucky, you may even catch an inning or two of a Waves baseball game!

Tips For Applying

Top 3 recommendations for applying

  1. Be yourself! This is cheesy, I know, but so true. Who you are is more than enough; feel empowered to be your true authentic self through this experience.
  2. Engage with us in all ways possible. Download ZeeMee, follow us on social media, reach out to your admission counselor, etc. The opportunity to connect with fellow prospective students, current Pepperdine students, and Pepperdine staff will help you envision your potential community here.
  3. Watch Rising Tide. This is a fun way to see what life is like as a Pepperdine student.

Advice for essays and supplemental question

The best piece of advice I have for writing your essay is to be authentic. There is no "correct" essay topic, so share what you are comfortable sharing and know whatever aspect of your life you decided to write about is valid and enough. You are enough! Additionally, feel free to put down the thesaurus and make sure you give us your authentic voice.

Other general advice

Have fun! This is a stressful time, but make sure you take the time to celebrate each win and enjoy this season in life.

Working in the Office of Admission

My favorite aspect about working in the Office of Admission

What I love about working in the Office of Admission and higher education is... YOU! The opportunity to get to know prospective students and cheer them on during this chapter is such a privilege.