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How many students are on the waitlist?

Generally, about 1,500-2,000.

Do you rank the students on the waitlist?

No. However, if and when we are able to make additional offers of admission to students on our waitlist, we shall go first to the students who have confirmed their place on the waitlist by completing the waitlist response form.

What is the likelihood of being admitted from the waitlist?

This is impossible to predict. Certainly, we prefer to admit students from our waitlist in order to meet our enrollment target, rather than to overshoot this number with our initial offers of admission.

What can I do to improve my chances of being admitted?

The best thing to do is to finish your senior year with strong grades in every subject, as well as confirm your place on the waitlist by completing the waitlist confirmation form emailed to you.

How can I demonstrate my interest in Pepperdine?

Once you have submitted the waitlist response form in your Application Portal, you can reach out to your Admission Counselor via email.

Should I send more information?

No, the Admission Committee will contact you if we need further documentation regarding your candidacy.

If I know of someone who is not accepting an offer of admission to Pepperdine, may I have that spot?

Unfortunately, offers of admission are not transferable.

If I need financial assistance and am admitted from the waitlist, will I still receive financial aid?

While admitted students who enroll by the deadline will have priority consideration for financial assistance, waitlisted students who qualify for financial assistance and are admitted from the waitlist will receive financial aid if budget permits.

When will you act on your waitlist?

We shall act on our waitlist as soon as possible, starting in May, once the students initially admitted to Pepperdine have told us whether they plan to enroll here. By the end of July, we hope to be able to inform all waitlist candidates of their admission status. Please note we will send a final notice to all candidates at the close of the waitlist.