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Connect With a Transfer Mentor

Transfer Mentors Group

Transfer Mentors are caring transfer students who will welcome and assist with your transition to Pepperdine. The Transfer Mentors, who have already successfully transitioned to Pepperdine, will share strategies and resources and will work on getting you connected so you can thrive in your new learning and living environment. 

Check out what our Transfer Mentors have to say about their Pepperdine transfer experience and email them any questions that you may have! Make sure to also check out the Transfer Alliance Instagram - @pepperdinetransferalliance to see the community of transfer students here at Pepperdine. 

Alec Laterovian

"I chose Pepperdine because I always felt it was the perfect environment in which I could thrive. I felt that the prestige of the school, along with its faith-oriented background and tight-knit community would not only allow me to meet people that would change my life now, but maybe even more importantly, impact my future for the better."

Alex Johnson

"I knew Pepperdine was the place for me the first time I stepped on campus. The warm welcome I received from other students, faculty, and staff immediately made me feel at home. The small class sizes combined with the many opportunities provided at Pepperdine solidified my decision to become a Wave!"

Amanda Getty

"I chose Pepperdine because I love the small classroom sizes that allow me to develop relationships with my professors and classmates. I felt confident that Pepperdine would provide me with opportunities that would guide me to be successful after graduation."

Nicole Hudecek

"I chose Pepperdine for its prestigious communication division and challenging academics."

Sergio Gallardo

"I have been the Student Affairs Intern (SAI) since the fall of 2018 and I am so happy to help people build lasting connections. It makes my work here at Pepperdine more rewarding and impactful because I know I have been a resource."

Tahteana Nelson

"I chose Pepperdine because of its distance from home, which is the Bay Area for me. It's far enough, but also close enough and it provides me with a sense of independence that I desired with the reassurance that my family is nearby if I need them."

Vanessa Orona

"I chose Pepperdine because of the beautiful location and size of the school; It was just the right fit for me. I also wanted to challenge myself academically in their renowned Psychology program."

Temuulen Uranbayar

"I chose Pepperdine because of the excellent academic programs it offers in a small community setting. No school can top the amazing location of Pepperdine in the heart of Malibu"

dimitri smith

"I came to Pepperdine looking for more. I wanted to learn and better myself in a deliberate manner. Pepperdine is certainly smaller and a bit quieter than many other universities, but never have I felt more enabled and supported to grow."

jacob fleck

"I chose Pepperdine for the location and size along with the Christian based atmosphere."

jared maguire

"I came to Pepperdine because it is an incredible place of faith and education. There is simply no other school or community like it."

renaissance forster

"I came to Pepperdine for the outstanding sports medicine program and the opportunity to work as a SAMI (the student athletic medicine intern). It gives me the ability to apply what I'm learning now and is great practice for my future career as a physical therapist working with athletes."