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Early Action Postpone FAQ

What does being postponed to Regular Decision mean?

Being postponed to Regular Decision means your application will be fully reviewed by the Admission Committee a second time in the context of our complete applicant pool.

Should I submit additional application materials?

It is not recommended or required of you to submit additional materials for your application. However, we will accept your Mid Year Report, which is an official transcript with your grades from the recent fall term and your in progress spring coursework. We would prefer for the Mid Year Report to be submitted directly through the Common Application/Naviance system.

When will I receive my final admission decision?

You will receive an email with your final admission decision by April 1.

How will switching to Regular Decision affect my application?

The only difference between Early Action and Regular Decision is when you receive your admission decision. You will still receive full consideration for admission and financial aid as a Regular Decision candidate.

What criteria do you use when making decisions?

Decisions are based on a variety of criteria. While academic achievement and test scores are weighed heavily, the Admission Committee also strongly considers a variety of other factors. We value an applicant's achievements outside of the classroom and a sustained commitment to school and community activities. The response an applicant chooses for the essay, in addition to demonstrating writing fluency, conveys to us the applicant's creativity, character, unique personal backgrounds, and intellectual vitality. We look for strong leadership qualities, intellectual curiosity, and spirituality, as well as a student's potential to make a significant, positive contribution to the Pepperdine community. All of these elements play a role in the outcome of the decision. The Admission Committee considers each application in the context of the total applicant pool.

What should I do if I would no longer like to be considered for admission at Pepperdine?

If you wish to withdraw your application, please send an email with your full name, birthdate, and withdrawal request to admission-seaver@pepperdine.edu.

Do I need to demonstrate my interest in the University to help aid my admission decision?

No, there is no need to demonstrate interest as it is not amongst the factors considered while making an admission decision.