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Why did I not receive admission?

This year, we received many competitive applications for this term. Our applicant pool was not only large but also it was composed of talented and academically qualified students. Our decisions were very difficult. 

What criteria do you use when making decisions?

Decisions are based on a variety of criteria. While academic achievements are weighed heavily, the Admission Committee also strongly considers a variety of other factors. We value an applicant's achievements outside of the classroom and a sustained commitment to school and community activities. The response an applicant chooses for the essay, in addition to demonstrating writing fluency, conveys to us the applicant's creativity, uniqueness, character, and intellectual vitality. We look for strong leadership qualities, intellectual curiosity, and spirituality, as well as a student's potential to make a significant, positive contribution to the Pepperdine community. All of these elements play a role in the outcome of the decision. The Admission Committee considers each application in the context of the total applicant pool.

Can I appeal my decision?

All of our admission decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

Will you place my name on a waitlist?

No, your name will not be placed on the waitlist.

Why was my friend admitted when he/she had a lower GPA and/or lower test scores than mine?

Due to the fact that schools, classes, programs, and individuals vary, it is difficult to make comparisons without viewing the entire applicant pool as a whole. Along with an applicant's GPA and test scores, we also strongly value and consider personal achievements and qualities which are nearly impossible to quantify and compare. Only the Admission Committee has the benefit of making informed decisions based on reviewing the entire applicant pool.

How can I reapply to Pepperdine?

If you wish to be reconsidered for a subsequent term at Pepperdine University, please refer to the instructions on our reapplication webpage. We highly recommend that you wait to reapply as a transfer applicant after you have completed at least 30 units of general education college coursework at another institution. For transfer applicants with at least 30 completed units at the time of application (not including units in progress), the admission decision is heavily weighted on an applicant's cumulative college GPA and most recent academic profile, and the Admission Committee will no longer need to consider your high school GPA.

We hope that this information has been helpful to you and has given you a context for understanding the University's decision.