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I/O Psychology Faculty

Industrial and Organizational Psychology Faculty

Dr. Tomas E. Martinez

Professor of Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Division: Social Sciences

Office: Appleby Center 231

Phone: 310.506.4350, 626.437.5735

E-mail: tomas.martinez@pepperdine.edu

Dr. Tomas E. Martinez is a cross cultural psychologist specializing in the fields of Latino psychology and the community. He has been a professor of psychology for the past forty years with Pepperdine University, working both, at Seaver College, the undergraduate program, and the graduate school.

At Seaver, Dr. Martinez teaches abnormal, Latino psychology, cross cultural, and industrial/organizational psychology. In the Graduate School of Education and Psychology, Dr. Martinez trains marriage and family therapists in clinical practicum and cross cultural counseling.

Dr. Martinez graduated in 1979 from the University of Michigan in the field of community/clinical psychology. Currently, he is interested in the research areas of Latino adolescent identity, self esteem, and "at risk" behavior. As a consulting psychologist, Dr. Martinez is considered to be an expert in the fields of community mental health, juvenile delinquency, childhood and family trauma, and child abuse and neglect.

Dr. Martinez is the industrial/organizational psychology minor advisor. His emphasis is on the valuation of ethnic diversity and the necessity for cultural sensitivity and cultural competency in the fields of psychology and industry. He has served as a consultant with the Department of Health and Human Services, the State of California including the California Youth Authority, the City of Los Angeles, and in private industry. Dr. Martinez is most interested in ethnic and diverse population groups as they continue to influence both theory and practice in the field of psychology.

Bennett E. Postlethwaite

Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Management

PhD, Business Administration, University of Iowa, 2011

MSc, Health Management, Imperial College of London (University of London), 2003

BA, Religion, Pepperdine University, 1996

Division: Business Administration Division

Office: Center for Communication and Business (CCB) 353

Phone: 310.506.7239

E-mail: ben@pstlethwaite@pepperdine.edu

Regan Harwell Schaffer

Professor of Organizational Behavior and Management

Advisor, Nonprofit Management Minor

Director, Nonprofit Leadership Collaborative

EdD, Pepperdine University, 2002

Division: Business Administration Division

Office: Center for Communication and Business (CCB) 350

Phone: 310.506.7458

E-mail: regan.schaffer@pepperdine.edu