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Pre-Health and Pre-Medicine Curriculum

A dentist and dental hygienist work on a patient together

The Curriculum

Pepperdine University offers outstanding pre-health curricula for students who plan to apply for admission to professional programs such as medicine, dentistry, physician assistant, physical therapy, veterinary medicine, occupational therapy, podiatry, and nursing.

Many of these areas, such as medicine and dentistry, have a similar set of requirements for admission whereas physical therapy and physician assistant, for instance, do not. The required courses for medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine are listed on this website.

In order to determine the courses needed for professional schools other than medicine, dentistry, or veterinary medicine, individual lists of required courses should be obtained from the schools of interest.

The pre-health curriculum at Pepperdine does not constitute a degree program, but is simply a list of courses that must be taken for any student interested in a career in healthcare. Although most students choose to major in biology, chemistry, and sports medicine, students can choose any major on campus and take the pre-health curriculum at the same time.

Pre-Health and Pre-Medicine Curriculum

As 95 percent of the pre-health students at Pepperdine are pre-medicine, most of the information on this website is tailored towards pre-medicine curriculum and careers in medicine. 

Use the tabs to the left entitled "Frequently Asked Questions," and "Medical School Course Requirements" to obtain additional information and advice about the pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, and pre-veterinary tracts at Pepperdine and beyond.

Refer to the "Health Professions" tab for information on various careers in medicine.

Pepperdine University provides a wide range of services to current students, as well as those who have already graduated. Dr. Laurie Nelson, the pre-health professions advisor, is available for advising and writing committee letters of recommendation for medical school applicants. Letters of Recommendation are collected and sent through the Natural Science Office. 

The opportunities for pre-health students on campus are endless. There are several pre-health clubs to join, including pre-medicine club, pre-dental club, and biology and chemistry clubs. Additionally, there are many pre-health speakers who address a wide variety of topics throughout the year, international programs during both the academic year and summer with health professional opportunities, and numerous service learning opportunities available through the Volunteer Center on campus.

As a way for students to serve local communities and find exceptional clinical experience, a list of relevant pre-medicine volunteer opportunities can readily be found in this Volunteer Opportunities doc.

Undergraduates have the unique option to pursue research directly with professors at Pepperdine, as well as present and publish their work. Seaver College professors and the supportive staff in the Natural Science office and Career Center provide helpful programs and advice to enable students to find their passion and pursue it at a high level of excellence.