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Committee and Recommendation Letters

As of January 2023, Pepperdine University has implemented a new system for a) requesting committee letters and b) requesting, storing, and managing committee letters. 

Previously, students used email communications with letter writers and Patricia Scopinich to initiate a committee letter request. Now, you no longer need to use this process. Instead, recommendation letters will be stored electronically using the letter management system, PrivateFolio. Students have the convenience of managing their own PrivateFolio account and having authority over requesting committee letters. 

Please follow the instructions below to begin the committee letter request process. 

  1. Read the Committee Letter Request Policy to determine eligibility 
  2. Complete the Committee Letter Request Application 
  3. Create a PrivateFolio account to begin requesting recommendation letters 

Note: For alum or students who already have recommendation letters on file from previous years, you do not need to submit new recommendation letter requests. Once your PrivateFolio account is created, your pre-health advising team will upload the letter(s) for you. 

For questions or concerns about the new process, please email your pre-health advising team at prehealth@pepperdine.edu or view the Intro to PrivateFolio training session (passcode: E1m?y9Lm).