Biology Major

Biology majors participate in a class discussion - Biology Degree

The biology degree program at Seaver College is designed to provide biology majors with opportunities for experiential learning through hands-on research, small labs, and instruction by professors in both lectures and labs. We encourage students to take advantage of our summer undergraduate research program as well as the honors program in biology.

Biology Degrees

Bachelor of Arts in Biology

Students enrolled in this degree option are provided with more flexibility in seeking a liberal arts education. Some biology majors select this degree because they are interested in either science education or a double major in another science or non-science discipline.

Bachelor of Science in Biology

Students in this degree option receive more comprehensive exposure to biological complexity. This degree option prepares biology majors for advanced careers in the biological sciences. Many of these careers involve continuing education through entry into professional schools (e.g., medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, etc.) and graduate school.

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