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After graduating from Pepperdine University with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science, I started work at Novell, Inc.  I now work on enterprise-class software used by millions of people every day.  I came to Pepperdine knowing little about computers, and left with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a highly competitive, exciting and quick changing industry.  Pepperdine provided me a unique educational environment combining faith in Christ, personable and accomplished faculty, and a wonderful location!

—Ryan Okelberry

I work on the development team (six total) that develops Wayport's core product.  I do everything from perl scripts, to C-style system programming, to distributed systems (we have –lots- of those).  I have really been blessed to get such a great job that enables me to work on so many different styles of projects and I'm always thankful for the excellent preparation you and the other teachers provided!

—Deacon Bradley

Coming from a less than perfect public school in NY, I had no technical computer training arriving at Pepperdine. However, both in graduate school and in my work with IBM, I always felt that I had an advantage. Not only did I have the technical training, but I also knew how to communicate. Building relationships in a technical environment is critical to all engineers' and computer scientists' success. Pepperdine was the place that I developed this advantage. It was where I matured as a technologist and as an individual. I highly recommend Pepperdine for those who want to challenge themselves as Computer Scientists while developing their interpersonal skills for today's work environment.

—Dylan Murphy