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Senior Capstone: COSC 490 (4)

A large software team project based on a topic that may vary from year to year and which builds on one or more of the prerequisites. Possible topics include but are not limited to database, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, compiler construction, distributed computing. Oral presentation required.

Prerequisites: COSC 450, COSC 475, MATH 260, and MATH 365.

Hours Topic
Topic (23 hours)
23.0 A current topic in computer science that builds on one or more of the prerequisites. The topic is the basis of the team project in the other part of the course. The topic will be presented in sufficient depth to be appropriate for a senior level course. It will integrate students' prior knowledge and extend their understanding of a subfield of computer science.
Team project (23 hours)
23.0 Teams will be organized in groups of two or three students. The scope of the project will be large enough that it cannot be completed by a single person during one semester. Most of the project activities will take place outside the classroom, with class time used for discussion of technical or theoretical questions that arise in the development process and regular progress reports by team members. The final product will include written documentation of the software design and a user manual.
Program assessment (1 hour)
1.0 Assessment of computer science/mathematics undergraduate program

Total: 47.0 hours, excluding holidays, review sessions, and exams
*Fifty-minute class hours