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Computer Science I: COSC 220 (3)

Introduction to object-oriented programming. Recursion—basic algorithms, array searching and sorting. Dynamic storage allocation—pointer types, linked lists and binary search trees as abstract data types. Classes—objects, abstract classes, inheritance and polymorphism, linked lists and binary trees as classes.

Prerequisites: MATH 220 or concurrent enrollment

Hours Topic
The BlackBox Framework (3 hours)
0.5 Text editor
2.5 Languages and grammars, EBNF
Graphical User Interface (5 hours)
0.5 The output Log as an abstract data structure
0.5 Sequential statements
1.0 Numeric types as abstract data types
0.5 String types as abstract data types
0.5 The assignment statement
1.0 RECORD types
1.0 Interactive input/output with dialog boxes
Data Abstraction (4 hours)
1.0 Using stacks as abstract data types
2.0 Applications to prefix, infix, and postfix expressions
1.0 Using lists as abstract data types
Conditional Statements (5 hours)
0.5 Boolean expressions
1.0 IF statements
1.0 Boolean types as abstract data types and check boxes
1.0 Nested IF statements
0.5 ASSERT statements
1.0 CASE statements and radio buttons
Text Input/Output (3 hours)
0.5 The model/view/controller paradigm
1.5 Text input from the focus window
1.0 Text output to a window
Loop Statements (5 hours)
1.5 WHILE statements
1.5 FOR statements
2.0 Nested loops
Procedural Abstraction (4 hours)
1.5 Writing function procedures
2.5 Writing proper procedures t
Basic Algorithms and Applications (6 hours)
1.0 Random numbers
1.0 One-dimensional arrays, stack and list implementations
2.0 Iterative array searching and sorting
2.0 Two-dimensional arrays

Total: 35.0 hours, excluding holidays, review sessions, and exams

*Fifty-minute class hours

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