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International Business Program Learning Outcomes

A student who graduates with a degree in international business should be able to:

PLO #1 Core Knowledge and Skills: 

  1. Demonstrate fundamental knowledge in core functional areas of business. 
  2. Apply business research skills.

PLO #2 Critical Thinking: 

  1. Create evidence-based solutions to business problems or opportunities.

PLO #3 Ethics: 

  1. Evaluate the ethical implications of business practices.

PLO #4 Communication:

  1. Produce effective written business reports.
  2. Deliver effective oral business presentations.

PLO #5 Teamwork:

  1. Demonstrate effective and collaborative interpersonal skills in a team setting.

PLO #6 Global Perspective:

  1. Understand the dynamics, benefits, and challenges of diversity and inclusion within teams or organizations.
  2. Identify global dynamics which affect businesses.