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A Year in the Life of: Seaver College Students

Occasionally, I find myself wishing I had a crystal ball. Something that could give me a peek into the future and help me determine what my life might look like based on the decisions I've made. While I have yet to find one, there is something that can give you a glimpse as to what life as a college student might look like.

Rising Tide is a docuseries created by Pepperdine University that follows the lives of five Seaver College students. From the moment they first arrive on campus at New Student Orientation (NSO) to their adventures studying abroad, the series showcases the challenges and triumphs of a college student.

Season 1: Adjusting to Freshman Life

Created in 2015, season one documents the freshman year of cast members Katelynn, Aiden, Olivia, Chanse, and Esther. While adjusting to their new lives in Malibu, the series showcases their participation in long-standing Pepperdine traditions like Step Forward Day and Waves Weekend.

In addition to their involvement with campus activities, the freshman share what their social and academic life is like as well as their opinions on having a spiritual life infused in their college experience.

Season 2: International Adventures

The second season of Rising Tide follows the cast members as they embark on their sophomore year at Pepperdine. Rather than return to Malibu, Katelynn, Aiden, Chanse, and Esther chose to study abroad.

Katelynn and Aiden document their lives overseas as they studied abroad in Heidelberg, Germany while Chanse and Esther give a glimpse into their homestays in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Choosing to return to Malibu for year 2, Olivia documented her involvement with student government, the sophomore field trip, and her Washington, DC, visit.

While the cast members have completed half of their college journey at Pepperdine, there is still much more left to be documented. Season three picks up at the start of the students' junior year and the first half is now available. Be sure to tune in to continue their journey.