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Perks of Submitting an Early Action Application

You've spent the summer touring colleges and have slowly been deciding which universities you are going to apply to. As you narrow down your list, you face another tough decision: whether or not to apply to schools as an Early Action (EA) candidate.

For the first time, students applying to Seaver College will have the option to apply EA and submit their application by November, or wait until mid-January for the Regular Decision (RD) deadline.

I am often asked by students, parents, and high school counselors about the advantages of applying EA. A few reasons why applying EA to Pepperdine could be the right move for you include:

1. Earlier Notification of Your Admission Decision

Finding out where you stand with an institution earlier can help alleviate some of the stress the process may create for you. Whether you consider Pepperdine an academic reach or your top choice, knowing your application decision early in the process––in some instances, you'll receive a decision before some of the rest of your applications are due––will also help in managing your other applications. For example, if you're admitted EA to Pepperdine you may decide that you don't need to apply to some of the remaining schools on your list.

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2. More Time to Make Your Decision

Admitted EA applicants still have until May 1 to decide if they are going to accept their offer of admission and enroll, giving them almost three more months to weigh their decision than admitted regular decision applicants. The extra time is particularly useful if you still need to arrange a campus visit or get things squared away with financial aid.

3. No Impact on Your Financial Aid

At some institutions, financial aid can differ depending on when you apply. Financial aid funds at some universities are limited and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Some institutions might also offer reduced aid to early applicants because they believe such applicants are more eager to enroll regardless of cost. In contrast, at Pepperdine, we award financial aid to our admitted EA students using the same parameters as used with our admitted RD students.

Note, however, that merit award considerations will be based on the credentials you submitted at the time of your application. Therefore, if you are planning on taking the November SAT and would like to have those results considered for admission and financial aid, it would be best to submit your application as RD.

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4. Free Up Your Senior Year

I encourage students to avoid getting consumed with the college application process. Senior year is the last year you'll be with many of your friends and teachers, and it could possibly the last time you live with your parents!

Don't miss out on any moments or overcomplicate the application process. If all of your materials are ready, submit your application early and leave yourself with one less thing to occupy space in your senior schedule.

Seaver College added an Early Action process to offer students the option of a nonrestrictive early application deadline, and I hope that some of you can take advantage of the opportunity. We look forward to receiving your application, and whether you submit it in November or January I'm confident that it will be right on time.