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What Can I Do With a Degree in International Studies?

Focused on the use of language skills and international political economics, a degree in international studies is designed for students interested in having a career in diplomacy, government service, and international religious and humanitarian service. 

The International Studies and Languages Division at Seaver College fosters inquiry and international perspectives among Seaver College students. Explore potential career options to see what majoring in international studies can lead to. 

Interpreter / Translator

A translator translates documents or videos from one language to another; an interpreter supports the communication between two parties who do not share a common language. Though success in either position requires fluency in multiple languages, translators are highly skilled in reading and writing foreign languages while interpreters are fluent conversationalists. 

International study majors at Seaver College are required to establish competency in two languages, which helps prepare them for a career as either an interpreter or translator. Students in the International Studies and Languages Division are encouraged to participate in the University’s International Programs so that they can be fully immersed in a culture where the native language differs from their own.

International Lawyer

International lawyers advise their clients of their legal rights and recommend solutions that will result in the best possible outcome for the parties they represent. While generally providing counsel to organizations or individuals, international lawyers can also represent government entities. 

Taught to view themselves as global citizens, international studies graduates have a strong understanding of social justice issues and can effectively represent clients from nations differing from the one they call home.


At all levels of government, politicians make decisions that directly impact the communities they represent. By drafting laws and implementing policies, politicians play a large role in how the government is run.

Students who are pursuing a degree in international studies at Seaver College have the opportunity to specialize in global politics, which focuses on issues of global justice, the study of government, and governing procedures and prepares them for a career in both the public and private sectors.


Foreign Language Educator

Foreign language educators teach courses in a language different from their students' primary language. 

International studies students are taught technical skills and conceptual abilities to help them understand, appreciate, and productively interact with communities outside their own. These skills can be applied to their teaching techniques, enhancing their lessons' effectiveness and ensuring their students' success. 

Foreign Correspondent

Foreign correspondents report on news, events, or situations from a foreign country. Like all journalists, they are tasked with interviewing subjects and conducting research to ensure the validity of their reporting. Foreign correspondents,however, are further tasked with presenting information that is tailored to the interests and understandings of the viewers in their home country.

A degree in international studies offers an understanding of intercultural studies and languages which, combined with a background in journalism, is a strong foundation for a career as a foreign correspondent.

The career options highlighted above represent but a handful of those available to individuals who earn their undergraduate degree in international studies. Explore the career pages throughout the International Studies and Languages Division for additional career opportunities and to see where current Seaver College alumni work.