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The Impact of a Pepperdine Education

To the Class of 2025, 

What an extraordinary year you have navigated. In the midst of a pandemic, you have shown strength, growth, and resilience. Six short months ago you were writing your personal statements, gathering letters of recommendation, and polishing your applications. Now the responses from colleges are arriving and it’s time for you to decide where you will spend the next chapter of your life. 

Five years ago, I sat in my room and made the decision to become #PepperdineBound. Today as a Pepperdine alumna and admission counselor, I hope to be able to answer some of the questions I had when I was in your shoes.

When making your enrollment decision, I challenge you to think of higher education as an investment. With that in mind, you will find your questions begin to change. Instead of wondering about the beautiful views—which Pepperdine certainly has, if we’re taking notes—the questions shift to how Pepperdine can provide you with what you really want: a meaningful four years and a successful future. These items compose what I like to call the impact of a Pepperdine education. Below, I’ll highlight some of the ways I feel Pepperdine has best contributed to my personal development and my professional career, and give you a glimpse into what could be your future. 

Academic Excellence 

Pepperdine is committed to academic excellence. Of course this can easily be seen in our small classroom sizes and general education curriculum. However, what you can’t see until you’re on campus is the way Pepperdine encourages its students to become their best selves. In the classroom, your professors will know your name, your story, and what gets you through the door each morning. They’ll ask more of you than you might have thought was possible, but you’ll finish the term grateful that they did. Because of the intentionality professors display within the classroom, our general education curriculum, and emphasis on diverse and critical thought, Pepperdine graduates are prepared to excel in their graduate program or profession of choice. 

Career Preparation 

One of the easiest ways to set yourself up for success after graduation is by gaining professional experience during your undergraduate career. Being at a smaller institution helped me find both mentors that gave me valuable advice and professional development opportunities. The Pepperdine career center offers resume workshops, interview preparation, and career specialists who work closely with students to help strengthen their skills in preparation for their postgraduate experience. The career center has an abundance of resources for students, whether they’re looking for full-time employment, graduate school opportunities, service, or fellowships.


Now, I know we talk about Pepperdine’s community a lot, but that’s because the community we have on campus is truly like no other. Almost one year after my graduation, Pepperdine remains a place I feel cared for, seen, and most importantly, valued. I’ve met not only my lifelong friends, but also my confidants and professional network. What’s beautiful about this community is that it remains fully available far after students have graduated. Pepperdine’s alumni network extends into large companies like Google and Disney, smaller nonprofit organizations like Shower of Hope, and government agencies like USAID. 

Looking Forward

Some of you may still be wondering about the quality of  the campus food or how often you’ll actually get to the beach. The Office of Admission and your admission counselor welcome these conversations. However, as we move closer to May 1, you’ll want to be confident about where your Pepperdine journey can take you. As a student, I experienced the most vibrant four years of my life. I met the most amazing human beings and learned from some of the richest minds. I traveled, I pulled all-nighters, spent way too many meal points on iced coffee, and had my fair share of celebrity sightings. It was everything I’d hoped for, and I grew more than I thought was possible. My message to you today is this: Pepperdine is more than just four years. It is a lifetime of memories, and a door to your future.