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Waves of Hope: Alumni Stories

In these uncertain and challenging times, we are inspired by our alumni every day. As we stay connected from a distance, the alumni relations team has embraced this opportunity to highlight alumni finding grace in their most difficult moments, and highlight the special ways they are being of service.  Read below to see how Seaver and George Pepperdine College alumni are demonstrating the roots of Pepperdine's mission, and bringing waves of hope to their community

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Darnell Brisco ('09) and Jayme Brisco ('08)

Beauty in a Season of Social Distancing

In this season of social distancing and more time spent at home, Seaver College Alumni and Pepperdine sweethearts, Entertainment Marketing Exec and McBeard founding member Darnell Brisco and Pepperdine Professor Jayme Brisco are embracing their creative side by sharing their love of Disneyland with their young family, virtually.

Darnell and Jayme's message to the Pepperdine community:

"Stay connected. That connection, community is the most important thing. Because you see Christ in one another. We get to experience his gifts for us through other people. There is no way to replicate the old normal – you just kind of have to adjust to the new normal. And that means things aren't going to perfect, or as planned out, or as structured, or as similar as it was in the past. And being okay with that flexibility. But, giving ourselves and each other grace in that. It's impossible to control it (because) it's impossible to make any changes."



Seaver alumna Charlotte Gaetz pictured in a hat

Charlotte Getz ('06)

Finding Hope in a Time of Uncertainty

Alumna Charlotte Getz ('06) was one of the first five confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Long Beach, California. The writer, mother, and speaker was thrown into a journey of uncertainty where she found grace and leaned into her faith.

Her message to the Pepperdine community:

"We, as Christians, this is our moment. There are so many people who are terrified right now and they do not have the hope of the Lord. We have the opportunity to wisely be the hands, feet, and light of Jesus right now. I think there are so many ways (to serve). Remember the people in your neighborhood. We can't go anywhere, so serving the people how you can where you are. For me, that looks like literally sharing the good news on Instagram. I can't see anybody, and I can't leave the house. But, I can say hey, there is a bigger narrative than the one we're in right now. And that narrative says we don't have to fear death – because of what Jesus has done on the cross for us. The God that I believe in says that this is not a hopeless situation, and that He's right here in the middle of it. And he specializes in impossible circumstances just like this."