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Waves of Hope: Darnell and Jayme Brisco


Beauty in a Season of Social Distancing

Darnell Brisco ('09) and Jayme Brisco ('08)

"Stay connected. That connection, community is the most important thing. Because you see Christ in one another. We get to experience his gifts for us through other people. Staying connected has been the most important thing for us."
- Jayme Brisco ('08)

In this season of social distancing and more time spent at home, Seaver College alumni and Pepperdine sweethearts Darnell and Jayme Brisco are embracing their creative side by sharing their love of Disneyland with their young family, virtually.

As they balance work from home, child care, and adjust to the new normal, Pepperdine Professor Jayme Brisco, and Entertainment Marketing Executive and McBeard founding member Darnell Brisco are finding joy in special moments.

"We both love Disneyland – we used to go all the time," Jayme Brisco said. "A lot of our first dates were at Disneyland. We got inspired by someone who had posted the rides, and to see if we could plan a full day."

The Brisco family had a previously planned a trip to the "happiest place on earth" for spring, but decided to postpone due to the ongoing health crisis.

"We figured out creative parallels at home to replicate that experience, and make new memories while Disneyland was closed," Darnell Brisco said.

Mrs. Brisco expressed the special memories the experience created, and also saw it as an opportunity to find an outlet for the whole family in the new day-to-day routine. She also addressed the additional change of now teaching from home for both her students and her own children.

"The classes have switched online. Labs have had to change," she said. "It's about helping students meet objectives, while also understanding the emotions of this season."

The couple has discovered several activities and crafts for kids in their research for ideas. This has included: kids exercise and yoga on YouTube, livestream at zoos and aquariums, and simply finding as much as possible online, and sharing with their community.
Their faith has also been an important factor for the alumni to nurture.

"It's been big. Adjusting to church and community online," Mr. Brisco said. "It's been huge in having a sense of normalcy with our community, a sense of hope and encouragement in continuing to know that even in uncertain times that we're covered. We have that security and faith that God has it in control."

Jayme Brisco explained the importance of staying connected during these challenging times, and having the ability to look for the silver lining.

"Trying to find the beauty in this season. It's hard, because it isn't our normal. We don't know how to look for the beauty in this, she said. "There will be some moments from the Disneyland day that will be my favorite moments with the kids. Those tiny moments throughout the day that can make this season better."

The Brisco's also highlighted the importance of parents' giving themselves and each other grace in a time where it is impossible to control things and make any changes, while knowing that although we can't replicate the old normal, in the current season you just have to adjust.