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Academic Integrity Committee Members

Current Membership

1. Composition of Committee

The AIC will consist of four undergraduate students, one graduate student, and one faculty representative from each academic division and the library. Selection of the student representatives will be made by the chairperson of the AIC in consultation with the Seaver Dean's Office.

2. Committee Tenure

i. Students are selected by the AIC chairperson and serve a one-year term beginning in September. Faculty and library representatives are elected to serve a two-year term by the respective academic divisions as follows:

a. Even-numbered years: Social Science, Humanities/Teacher Education, Fine Arts, and Religion.
b. Odd-numbered years: Natural Science, Business, and Communication, International Studies and Languages, and Library.

ii. Freshman students and non-full-time faculty members are ineligible to serve on the AIC.

iii. Chairperson
A non-voting (except in the case of a tie vote) chairperson shall be elected by the AIC from among its members. The chairperson must have served previously on the AIC.

3. Officers

i. A secretary shall be elected by the AIC. This election will be conducted by the chairperson without nomination and by ballot. Only faculty and library members of the AIC are eligible to serve as secretary.

4. Vacancies

i. In the event of a student or faculty vacancy, the AIC chairperson will consult with the Seaver Dean's Office to determine an appropriate replacement.

5. AIC Membership Academic Year 2018-2019

i. Faculty

a. Fang Tian (Business Administration Division)
b. Jacob Michael (Communication Division)
c. Ryan Board (Fine Arts Division)
d. Marc Vineyard (University Libraries)
e. Bryan Givens (Humanities and Teacher Education Division)
f. George Carlsen (International Studies and Language Division), Chair
g. John Mann (Natural Science Division)
h. Garret Pendergraft and Timothy Willis (Religion and Philosophy Division)
i. Khanh Bui (Social Science Division)

ii. Students

a. (Undergraduate Student Representative)
b. (Undergraduate Student Representative)
c. (Graduate Student Representative)