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1990s Decade Reunion

Welcome to the 1980s decade reunion! Get ready to step back in time and relive the most iconic era in history. Dust off your neon leg warmers, put on your shoulder pads, and tease up that big hair, because we're taking a trip down memory lane like never before. The planning committee, made up of your alumni peers, has been hard at work creating a fun weekend for you back home in Malibu! As an added bonus, the planning committee and Pepperdine Advancement secured some generous donations allowing us to offer the 1980's Decade Reunion Banquet free of charge! We are so thankful for their dedication to this event and passion for Pepperdine.

Note: When you register we'll include your name to the "Who's Attending" section below, letting other 1980's alumni know you're planning to attend. If you do not wish for your name to be included, please email chad.quinones@pepperdine.edu.

Click below to see the list of alumni who will be attending the 1980s decade reunion. 

  Who's Attending?

Margaret Abeles ('86)
Susan Adamich ('82)
Thomas Akin ('83)
Norm Alexander ('83)
Susie (Allen) Alexander ('86)
Alyssa (Allen) Berwick ('88)
Craig Alter ('84)
Linda (Robinson) Antonio ('84)
Katherine (Way) Applewhite ('87)
Sue (Constuble) Ashley ('85)
Mona Attalla ('84)
Allyce (Freshman) Balson ('83)
Rochelle (Davis) Barcellona ('86)
Michelle Barona ('87)
Karen Bauer ('84)
John Bell ('89)
Kris (Gray Bell) ('89)
Ellen Berman ('85)
Heidi Bernard ('85)
Denise Betts ('84)
Brian Beyer ('83)
Forrest Bigham ('89)
Dodie (Blair) Martz ('84)
Colleen (McGrady) Blankenship ('87)
Camille (Yates) Block ('89)
Jonathan Block ('88)
Jenn (Holmes) Blood ('87)
Claire Blue ('85)
John Bossler ('80)
Michael Boster ('82)
Jennifer (Farley) Brase ('86)
Gayle (Ellison) Brisbane ('88)
Kathryn (Scott) Brock ('86)
Jackie Bunda ('88)
Debbie (Cason) Hedges ('89)
Christine (Haar) Cendejas ('81)
Laurie (Sanchez) Chaddock ('83)
Janine (Chang) French ('82)
Lisa (Foote) Christman ('87)
Leila (Nohadani) Colgan ('83)
Kathryn (Kuenzig) Collins ('85)
Pamela (Wallace) Colvard ('80)
Andrea Contarino ('88)
Kirsti (Sticksel) Contreras ('84)
Denise Jo Crangle ('83)
Joseph Cully ('82)
Kelly (Carter) Cummings ('89)
Jill (Morgan) Daniels ('88)
Erin Davern ('88)
Kindy (Pfremmer) De Long ('87)
Ty De Long ('87)
Maria Dela Cruz ('89)
Mike Domke ('85)
Jamie (Burton) Dunn ('87)
Mark Elby ('84)
Nina (Elby) Frankman ('81)
Amy (Branch) Ellzey ('84)
Maggie (Etheridge) Ureno ('87)
Steven Fain ('83)
Teri (Gillam) Forte ('81)
Gary Foster ('83)
Patrick Fraleigh ('86)
Sylvia (Rueda) Franson ('87)
Grant Freeman ('83)
Sally (Fullenwider) Rae ('80)
Lisa Gallant ('87)
Peter Gerlach ('85)
Les Gibbs ('82)
Matthew Gilling ('83)
Denice (Anderson) Gilling ('87)
Katy (Trail) Glentzer ('83)
Robert Gonzales ('84)
Brett Gregor ('89)
Diane (Trosino) Guido ('82)
Mark Habeeb ('88)
Carol Hahn ('82)
Annie-Marie (Quinn) Hallman ('87)
Sam Hamann ('80)
Connie (Burrows) Horton ('82)
Robert House ('84)
Stuart Huggins ('81)
Amy (Smith) Jammes ('84)
Jeffrey Jani ('84)
Mark Janmaat ('84)
Jerome Kaiser ('83)
Loretta (Mannon) Katch ('84)
Carolyne (Keeler) Cushenberry ('87)
Jacki (Carnahan) Kelley ('88)
Lois (Chambers) Kempff ('80)
Gerald King ('85)
Angela (Staggers) Kone ('84)
Don Koontz ('86)
Lisa Koontz ('87)
Connie (Cecil) Kotzman ('82)
Connie (Ahlberg) Krug ('88)
Keith Labnow ('87)
Kim (Sauer) Lambert ('88)
Scott Lambert ('85)
Corinne (Sanchez) Le ('87)
Hung Le ('87)
Liz Leahy ('82)
Sonserae Leese ('84)
Loren Levy ('86)
Deanne (Archer) Lewis ('84)
John Lewis ('83)
Kimberli Lile ('84)
Karen Loberg ('82)
Monica Loeffler ('87)
Patty (Ige) Lui ('87)
James Luttjohann ('85)
Angela (Clements) Manassee ('89)
Mark Manassee ('85)
Bill McClellan ('85)
Laura  McFarland ('86)
Robert Meadows ('83)
Dana (Killilea) Miller ('86)
Sandra (Grandon) Miller ('80)
Cindy Miller-Perrin ('84)
Marilyn Misch ('83)
Beverly (Bolton) Mitcham ('81)
Dwayne Moring ('84)
Ann (Black) Mould ('80)
J Derrick Moxley ('87)
Kathy (Angelini) Murray ('83)
George Nicholas ('85)
Catherine (Bellini) Nicholas ('84)
Jeff Nordstrom ('86)
Tania (Shetabi) Nordstrom ('86)
Donald Ord ('80 ND)
Robin Perrin ('81)
Heather Phillips ('89)
Phil Phillips ('88)
Gregg Polacek ('87)
Deidre (Robinson) Powell ('83)
Karen (Swenson) Procsal ('85)
Cindy (Merritt) Randolph ('81)
John Rauschkolb ('83)
Marie (Eller) Reim ('81)
Paul Reim ('83)
Craig Richesin ('83)
Stephanie Riggs ('85)
Linda (Ban) Robertson ('84)
May (Ma) Ross ('86)
Mark Rychlik ('85)
Prakash Sakraney ('83)
Cara (Seferian) Saldajeno ('87)
Lo SaldaƱa ('87)
Portland (Addy) Schnitzius ('83)
Todd Schnitzius ('84)
Cynthia Schwarz ('82)
Derek Schwarz ('83)
Carol (Estes) Scott ('80)
Charles Shields ('86)
Cynthia (Salcedo) Siler ('82)
Barbara Simeroth ('82)
Dwayne Simmons ('80)
Hope (Bianchi) Sjursen ('80)
Dee Anna Smith ('86)
Sharon (Bernal) Smith ('83)
Timothy Smith ('83)
Maria Solis ('87)
Patty (Spargur) Starkey ('87)
Kevin Steele ('81)
Kevin Stiles ('89)
Janine (Seymour) Strecker ('84)
Amy (Hibbs) Surdacki ('87)
Karen (Kirkeby) Tano ('88)
Lisa (Gilbert) Tarlton ('84)
Linda (Wilkey) Truschke ('86)
Neal Turnage ('84)
Lori (McClain) Valdivia ('81)
Julia (Warnock) Vander Ploeg ('85)
Jeannine (Jager) Vandertoll ('82)
Lyle Vaughan ('81)
Rebecca (Stuart) Venanzi ('84)
Robert Wakefield-Carl ('87)
Racheal (Kinsey) Walker ('83)
Juanie (Lane) Walker ('84)
Michael Walker ('85)
Carrie (Giboney) Wall ('87)
Andy Wall ('85)
Traci Wallace ('89)
Julie (Manning) Waters ('80)
Troy Westergaard ('87)
Elizabeth Whatley ('84)
Bob White ('83)
Linda (Jones) Widmer ('82)
Teresa (Bergh) Williams ('86)
Thea Wilshire ('87)
Dave Wilson ('83)
Leslie (Mason) Wilson ('83)
Keith Winter ('83)
Eric Wolford ('88)
Jennifer (Johnson) Wolford ('88)
Kathleen (SeLegue) Yancey ('80)


Reunion Schedule

Join college friends for the 1980s Opening Reception, Friday October 6 from 5-8PM in Jones Trophy Room in Heritage Hall. Hosted by the 1980s Reunion Planning Committee, you'll enjoy this come-and-go reception warmly welcoming you home. During this reception you are also welcome to enjoy Madness Village in the adjacent parking-lot of Firestone Fieldhouse. Hosted by Student Activities, Madness Village is an interactive event where guests can join students and their families, in games, activities, and desserts.

On Saturday, October, 7, spend some time on campus enjoying other Waves Weekend activities, like the Heidelberg Grand Reunion, celebrating 60 years of the Heidelberg program (9:30 AM - noon at the Brock House), the Alumni Art Showcase in Payson Library art gallery, and athletics events like the Women's Swimming and Diving team match (11 AM, Memorial Pool) and the Women's Soccer match at noon (Tari Frahm Rokus Field).

Be sure not to miss the highlight of the afternoon, the Family & Alumni Picnic. Join us on Alumni Park from 11 AM-2PM for food in the alumni tent and activities and performances on stage.

Saturday will culminate with dinner at the 1980s Reunion Banquet from 6-9PM, under the big tent. Thanks to some generous alumni donations, registration for the banquet is now free! Step back in time as we gather on Alumni Park to celebrate the ties that bind us together. Reconnect with old friends, professors, and mentors, and relive the cherished memories of your time on campus. Wear your best orange and blue outfit but keep in mind we'll be outside and on grass, so wear comfortable shoes and layer for a potential chill in the air.


For questions, please contact Chad Quinones at chad.quinones@pepperdine.edu, x4348.

Schedule Highlight

Friday, October 6

  • President's Open House
  • 1980s Opening Reception
  • Madness Village
  • Blue & Orange Madness

Saturday, October 7

  • Heidelberg Reunion
  • Alumni Art Showcase
  • Women's Swimming & Diving Match
  • Women's Soccer Match
  • Family and Alumni Picnic
  • 1980s Reunion Banquet

Thank you to the 1980s Decade Reunion Planning Committee:

  • Grant Freeman (SC '83)
  • Sylvia Rueda Franson (SC '87) 
  • Dr. Dwayne Simmons (SC '80)
  • Dr. Kevin Steele (SC '81)
  • Liz Leahy (SC '82)
  • Heidi Bernard (SC '85)
  • John Lewis (SC '83)
  • Paul Reim (SC '83)
  • Jeff Jani (SC '84)
  • Elizabeth Whatley (SC '84)
  • Scott Lambert (SC '85)
  • Jennifer Farley Brase (SC '86)
  • Hung Le (SC '87)
  • Kevin Stiles (SC '89)