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Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing

Course Requirements:

Course ID Course Name Units
Required for all majors: 16 Units Total
CRWR 203 Introduction to Creative Writing (WI) 4
CRWR 303 Intermediate Creative Writing 4
ENG 301 Spiritual Writing 4
ENG 315 Literary Study 4
Also choose one of the following: 4 Units
ENG 325 British Literature 4
ENG 326 American Literature 4
ENG 370 World Literature 4
Also choose one of the following: 12 Unit
CRWR 404 Creative Writing for the Professional Market 4
CRWR 405 Advanced Fiction Writing 4
CRWR 406 Advanced Poetry Writing 4
CRWR 410 Advanced Writing for Screen and Television 4
CRWR 440 Topics in Creative Writing 4
Also choose one of the following: 4 Units
ENG 410 Genre Study 4
ENG 415 Reading and Writing in a Genre 4
ENG 420 Major Writers 4
ENG 440 Topics in Literature 4
Outside Emphasis Requirement: 12 Units Total*
(select one of the following emphases)

Literature: Choose any three upper division literature courses
Must take FILM 200. Choose two additional courses from FILM 300, FILM 301 or FILM 412
Must take JOUR 241. Students will then take two upper division JOUR courses
* A major in English, Film Studies, or Journalism, or a minor in English or Film Studies, will fulfill this Outside Emphasis Requirement

For additional information, please see the Course Rotation and Suggested Timeline pages.