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Golden Circle

As Pepperdine looks back upon 80 years of transforming lives for purpose, service, and leadership, it seems fitting that we also honor those alumni who have reached another special milestone. Specifically, I am referring to those who are celebrating 50 years of being a Pepperdine alumnus. These alumni—many of whom are our most spirited—have earned their place in what is known as the "Golden Circle."

The Golden Circle represents all living, active*, degreed** George Pepperdine College alumni who graduated at least 50 years ago. If you feel that someone has been mistakenly omitted from this list, please notify the GPC Alumni Affairs office at gpc@pepperdine.edu or 310.506.4348 so that we can check eligibility and update our records.

* By "active," we mean that the alumni have correct mailing addresses in the official alumni database and have not requested that Pepperdine refrain from contacting them.
** Alumni who did not complete their degree at GPC are not eligible.

Please join me in recognizing the latest alumni to be inducted into the Golden Circle, the Class of 1964.

Mr. George W. Agnor Dr. Walter S. Lee
Mr. John W. Arnold Mrs. Patricia (Kyle) Lee
Mrs. Jeanette (Reeser) Aston Mrs. Linda (Athey) Linn
Ms. Karen (Shaden) Barrett Ms. Neola M. Lippold
Dr. Bruce K. Boaz Mr. Fred J. Locarnini
Mr. John P. Brooks Mr. Gregory W. Logan
Mr. Dale A. Brown Mrs. Judith (Reynolds) Marley
Mr. William H. Buckingham Mr. Frederic E. Marsee
Mr. William Bynum Mrs. Aletha (Pearson) Marshall
Dr. Dale S. Cannon Mr. Ernest R. Martinez
Mrs. Elizabeth (Hill) Cannon Mrs. Helen (Cox) McBee
Mr. Alonzo S. Carroll Mr. Jerry B. McBee
Prof. Christopher J. Chetsanga Mrs. Sara (Smith) Meadows
Mrs. Joyce (Gallaher) Clasen Mr. Kerry L. Mersch
Mrs. Lola (Smith) Conatser Mr. Richard Meyer
Mr. Barry T. Craven Mrs. Nina (Fielder) Michaels
Mr. James D'Amore Mrs. Judith (Randolph) Mitten
Mr. Robert W. Deitrick Mr. Arlen G. Musser
Mr. Harry Dinnel Mr. Philip H. Nash
Mrs. Lorene (Kirk) Dugan Ms. Norma M. Nursall
Mr. Tice Elkins Mr. Willard T. Ohara
Mr. James Fenderson Mr. Steven Palmer
Mrs. Sherry (Beckett) Fink Mr. Robert D. Pearson
Mr. Garland W. Floyd Mr. Roger A. Pembroke
Mr. James J. Foster Mr. Hank Piligian
Mr. John F. Gejer Mrs. Linda (Davies) Pounds
Ms. Carol E. Gooler Mrs. Juanita (Light) Proffer
Mrs. Madeline (Reddick) Haffey Mrs. Caye (Cannon) Randolph
Mr. Melbert L. Hamilton Mrs. Gail (Nuckols) Revland
Mr. Jamie M. Hatler Mr. Gary Sabella
Mr. Morris L. Hawkins Mr. Shigeo Saito
Mr. Kenneth L. Headon Mrs. Delores (Jones) Salcido
Mrs. Carol (Andreason) Heinz-Dooley Mr. Philip G. Schultz
Mr. Fred Henderson Mr. Richard H. Schultz
Mrs. Jennie (Free) Henman Mr. Alonzo Simmons
Mrs. Caroline (Shaeffer) Hopkins Dr. Gerald Solk
Mr. James M. Huckaby Mr. Clinton L. Storm
Mr. Douglas Ingalls Ms. Georgette Todd
Mrs. Barbara (Alexander) Ingram Mrs. Sandia (De Waide) Tuttle
Mrs. Marilyn Jacke Mr. Ernest Walden
Mrs. Rosazetta (Dobbs) Jacobs Dr. John E. Ware, Jr.
Mrs. Grace (Hopkins) Johnson Mr. Jimmie R. White
Mr. Wallace B. Jones Mrs. Yvonne (Gilliam) Woods
Dr. Laurence C. Keene Mr. Don R. Woodson
Mrs. LaPhonia (Lee) Knapp Mrs. Kay (Mangum) Wright
Mrs. Carolyn (Copeland) Knox Mr. John C. Wyatt
Mrs. Anita (Deeter) Landis Mrs. Linda (Fok) Yang
Ms. Betty J. Langpap Mr. Ken Young
Mrs. Jean (Marquis) Lanning  


Congratulations to you all!


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