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Chapter V. Faculty-Student Relations: 2012


5.1. Academic Integrity

5.2. Nonacademic and social relations

5.3. Student Enrichment Fund

5.3.1. Student Home Entertainment

5.3.2. Dine with a Student

5.4. Student Handbook

5.5. Student Organizations

5.6. Student Privacy Rights


(Included since 1988; modified 2006; modified 2012)

1. The Seaver College Code of Academic Integrity is an integral part of the educational process, and a copy will be provided each faculty member. It makes possible an atmosphere conducive to the development of the total person through learning experiences. Since a person is more than intellect, learning is more than academic achievement. It includes achievement in all the qualities of an individual – intellectual, spiritual, ethical, emotional, and physical.

2. The code emphasizes the dignity of each individual in pursuing self-improvement and developing full personal potential. It provides free competition and independent intellectual effort, not tolerating dishonesty, cheating, or plagiarism in any form. If intentional acts of dishonorable conduct occur, the code outlines infractions and clear-cut procedures as well as sanctions to censure such activity.

3. Teachers may wish to encourage their students to sign the statement printed on examination books sold by the bookstore or to provide a space on each examination or paper for students to sign this pledge: "On this examination, I have abided by the Seaver College Code of Academic Integrity. I have neither given, taken, nor received unauthorized aid to anyone or from anyone."


(Included since 1988)

One of the unique aspects of Seaver College, aside from the physical beauty of its location, is the traditional Pepperdine family atmosphere where faculty members and students live and study together.

There are many opportunities for informal faculty/student contacts throughout the year. The Office of the Dean of Students sponsors events such as volunteer activities, convocation programs, talent shows, the Christmas dinner, Songfest, faculty/senior breakfasts, and many other programs announced throughout the University community. All Seaver College faculty members are encouraged to participate with their families in
these events in order to become better acquainted with students in nonacademic settings.


(Included since 1989; modified 2002; updated 2010; modified 2012)

One of the things that makes Pepperdine such a special place is the personal attention students receive from our faculty and staff. We're pleased to offer a couple of programs that provide you with resources to share a meal with a Seaver student in one of our dining facilities or with a group of students in your home. Below you will find information about our "Dine with a Student" and "Student Home Entertainment" programs.

1. Student Home Entertainment

The purpose of this program is to encourage faculty and staff to entertain students in
their homes for a social meal. Read the guidelines for the program.


2. Dine with a Student


The Dine with a Student program provides a free meal at the Waves Café or Oasis to
any Seaver faculty or staff member who dines with a Seaver student. Read the guidelines for the program.




If you have any questions about either program, please call the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs at 506-4472.

(Included since 1988; modified 2012)

An important document with which every Seaver faculty member should become familiar is the Pepperdine University Student Handbook, produced each summer by the Student Affairs Office. Faculty members may be able to answer many student questions by referring to this publication. Included in the handbook are services provided by the institution; housing and student life policies, regulations, and sanctions; and the code of academic integrity.

(Included since 1988; modified 2006; modified 2012)

Many faculty members find time to be involved in a challenging, yet rewarding, activity – serving as an advisor to one of Seaver’s chartered clubs or organizations as well as academic honor societies. Such a relationship is an excellent example of college “service” expected of all Seaver faculty. For more information about this opportunity,
refer to the Pepperdine University Student Organization Handbook produced by the Student Activities Office.

The Student Activities web site is located at http://community.pepperdine.edu/seaver/studentactivities/[BROKEN LINK].

The Student Organization web site is located at http://community.pepperdine.edu/seaver/studentactivities/[BROKEN LINK].

(Included since 1978; modified 1988 and 2006; modified 2012)

1. Federal and state laws exist which define the privacy rights of students with respect to their student records. Faculty members will be held accountable for familiarity with and proper implementation of the following guidelines. 

2.  The Pepperdine University Student Records Policy is located at http://www.pepperdine.edu/registrar/policies/[BROKEN LINK].  The Student Records Policy also may be found in the Legal Notices section of the Seaver College Academic Catalog (available at https://seaver.pepperdine.edu/academics/catalog/). 

3. If explanation or assistance is needed after consulting with the Office of the Registrar, faculty members
should contact the University's General Counsel.