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Success After Seaver: Class of 2015 First-Destination Summary


What students do after graduation continues to be a hot topic in higher education. Often called graduation outcomes or career outcomes, these include full or part time employment, graduate school, volunteering, or other such activities. Pepperdine provides graduation outcome information to prospective students and their parents as one useful tool in making college decisions. We use the procedures outlined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers to gather and categorize data. The following info graphics represent data collected at six months after graduation from 95% of the graduating class of 2015 also known as a 95% knowledge rate.



What 2015 grads are doing

9 out of 10 Graduates are settled within six months of graduation. (settled = working, studying, applying to study, full-time volunteer, military)

64% Employed Full-Time or Part-Tim, 23% Attending or Seeking Graduate School, 8% Seeking Employment, 5% Full-Time Volunteer or Other Activity



2015 Industry Breakdown

Types of Work: 64% For-Profit, 21% Non-Profit / Government, 15% Entrepreneurs

Pepperdine student working



Graduate School

Pepperdine Graduation

18% of students will go (or went) directly on to graduate school

13% Business, 13% Law, 14% Medicine, 6% Education, 54% Arts & Sciences



Internships & Student Teaching

800 unique internships & student teaching sites for class of 2015

Pepperdine student assistant teaching



Experiences with Impact - Class of 2015


98% interned, student taught, worked on or off campus or did undergraduate research

74% of those employed or in grad school at graduation intervened or student taught.


82% of those employed or in grad school at graduation were student employees.

Internships | Student Teaching or Practicum | Student Employment



The Pepperdine Network


3000+ JOBS - 1500+ Employers Posting Jobs, 100k Alumni, 1000+ Internships, 500 Mentors on Pepperdine Career Network, 200+ On-Campus Jobs, 115+ Employers Recruit On-Campus, 30 Alumni Affinity Chapters



Fellowships & Awards

21 Fulbright (in 5 years), 10 Boren, Gilman, and Humanity in Action (in 5 years), 137 Competitive Awards (in 3 decades)




Where Grads Work and Study


These are the most popular places grads work and study after Pepperdine: San Francisco, Southern CA, Texas, Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Hawaii, International: China, Seoul, London, Hong Kong, Florence, Africa, India