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Waves Debate and iDebate Rwanda Discuss Problematic Historic Monuments

On July 16, 2020, Waves Debate partnered with iDebate Rwanda to host the second virtual debate with the two organizations of summer 2020. The event was a timely discourse on historical monuments in human likeness. With protesters around the globe calling for the removal of racist, sexist, and problematic historical monuments, Waves Debate and iDebate Rwanda fostered an open conversation. 

“Since mid-April, Waves Debate has sought to find a productive way to discuss big ideas even from far away. When we began this series I never guessed it would amass the attention it has gotten and I am so incredibly honored and proud of our debaters,” shares Tiffany Hall, Waves Debate’s chair of on-campus events. 

Debaters positioned arguments for preserving monuments as a reminder of the daily and necessary work to battle oppression, replacing racist and problematic monuments with those that depict positive historical and human rights figures, and discontinuing installation of monuments in human likeness. The participants gracefully grappled with difficult subjects such as the difference between religious and worldview monuments as well as the difficult moral messages that racist or sexist monuments convey.

“I continue to be excited to see how our teams can continue to foster global dialogue. I am looking forward to continuing this pursuit of greater understanding into the school year and to see what new perspectives might arise,” Hall reflects.

To listen to the full debate, visit the Waves Debate Youtube channel.