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Seaver College Celebrates Five Recipients of Impact Awards for Outstanding Service to Students

During the Seaver College Faculty Retreat on February 5, 2021, associate dean Kendra Killpatrick announced the inaugural recipients of the Impact Award for Outstanding Service to Students. In the inaugural year of the award the college honored three faculty awardees—visiting instructor of theatre Nic Few, assistant professor of communication and director of Pepperdine Graphic Media Elizabeth Smith, and professor of psychology Steve Rouse—and two staff awardees—associate vice president and University Title IX coordinator La Shonda Coleman and Intercultural Affairs director Rebbeca Campos.

“The award recognizes community members who mentor, support, encourage, serve, advise, and in other ways inspire Seaver students to achieve their true potential. year’s recipients clearly embody these qualities and have had a lasting and transformative effect on Seaver college students,” shared Kendra Killpatrick during the retreat.

Nic FewSince joining Pepperdine’s Fine Arts department in spring 2020, Nic Few has become an “important anchor at Seaver College” ensuring that all of his students, especially underserved students, are seen, heard, and valued. His work strives to bring human rights and community activism into acting, writing, and service. In doing so, his care and concern for holistic well-being is clearly seen and felt as he supports students.

Elizabeth SmithAs associate professor of communication and director of Pepperdine Graphic Media, Elizabeth Smith continually coaches students to pursue ethical journalism that honors the Lord in its pursuit of truth. Her teaching pedagogies and mentorship continues to put students first by helping them feel seen, heard, and understood. Smith is also a passionate advocate for media literacy to challenge growing misinformation in the digital age.

Steve RouseSteve Rouse’s service and mentorship to students expands beyond psychology majors and those seeking careers in the discipline. His support and advocacy for Pepperdine’s LGBTQ+ students and students of other underserved populations has helped them find belonging and community. His commitment and mentorship has helped students achieve their potential at Pepperdine and beyond. 

La Shonda ColemanAs Title IX coordinator and leader of the Care Team, La Shonda Coleman compassion and care for students navigating traumatic and stressful is evident in everything she does. Led by faith and her passion for students, her ability to patiently support the Pepperdine community in times of crisis is exemplary.

Rebecca CamposRebecca Campos’s faith-informed leadership of Intercultural Affairs has led Pepperdine to more inclusive and equitable environments for underrepresented populations. Campos remains an advocate for marginalized students by broaching important conversations and empowering students through challenges and systemic barriers. 

The Impact Award for Outstanding Service to Students was established in spring 2021 to recognize Seaver College faculty and staff members who have made an exceptional impact in the lives of students through mentorship, encouragement, and service. Awardees work and actions reflect the teachings of Christ and exemplify the University mission and motto, “Freely ye received, freely give” (Matthew 10:8).