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Roshawnda A. Derrick, Kindy De Long, and Cari Myers Publish Analysis of SEED Training

Three Seaver College professors—Roshawnda A. Derrick, Kindy De Long, and Cari Myers—recently collaborated on the article “Raising Institutional Awareness and Pedagogical Sensitivity: An Analysis of College Faculty Participation in SEED Training,” published in the Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice

Seaver College is currently in the sixth year of its own version of a National SEED (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) project. 

“Through surveying past participants, the article examines Seaver College’s faculty perceptions of the SEED program and its four-year impact on their personal growth, curriculum, and institutional awareness related to issues of diversity and inclusion,” Derrick shares.

The study concluded that “the SEED program at the college, although not without some challenges, is a valuable and enriching program that encourages and allows space for the examination of cultural narratives and social systems in a collegial and interactive context.” This research is intended to be used as a guide for the implementation of the SEED program at other institutions that seek to incorporate long-term voluntary faculty diversity training.  

Read the full publication through the Pepperdine Libraries website.