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Seaver College Honors Three Impact Award Winners for Their Enduring Commitment to Students

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Seaver College honored three community members—Naron Dennis, Danielle Minke, and Julie Quarles—with the Impact Award, which recognizes faculty and staff members who mentor, serve, and advise students in an impactful manner at Seaver College. 

Naron Dennis (’16, MPP ’20):

Naron Dennis

As a resident director, Dennis fosters space for students to explore themselves and their faith within Seaver College’s campus. By cultivating this inclusive and affirming atmosphere, he hopes that students feel strongly supported during their college experience.

“Being honored through this award makes me think of all the people who have guided and supported me throughout my time at Pepperdine,” Dennis says. “So many mentors have been examples of what it means to care for others in the way Christ cares for us. It is honestly difficult not to try your hardest to make an impact when there are so many people around you doing that every day.”

“Naron has mentored scores of students and student leaders for many years and is beloved and respected by his team of student leaders as well as his peers in HRL,” says Kendra Killpatrick, Seaver College’s senior associate dean. “He has served faithfully as a resident director through the Woolsey Fire and the pandemic, two of the most challenging times HRL has ever faced.  As one colleague comments, Naron serves ‘wholeheartedly and passionately,’ leading his students through times of significant campus change and challenge.”

Danielle Minke (’14, MA ’22):

Danielle Minke

Minke serves the Seaver College community as the director of student activities. She successfully supports the student experience by ensuring the availability of a breadth of extracurricular offerings while also recognizing the responsibilities and pressures that undergraduates face. This empathetic approach guides Minke as she goes about fulfilling her job.

“I feel extremely honored to receive the 2023–2024 Impact Award for Outstanding Service to Students,” says Minke. “I have always felt called to be at Pepperdine, but I never could have understood the gravity of that calling. I am humbled by my colleagues who chose to acknowledge me and amplify my work. I love what I get to do; I love my students; and I love my coworkers. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have spent the last five years investing in students the same way that countless Pepperdine faculty and staff have invested in me.”

Minke is described by colleagues as someone who is, “generous, super-friendly, caring. She plans and executes amazing events to make [the student] experience richly rewarding and memorable. She is a joy to work with.”

Julie Quarles (’06):

Julie Quarles

An assistant instructor of teaching of English, Julie Quarles connects with Seaver College students in the classroom and as the faculty advisor of the Black Student Association. Quarles’ goal as an educator and mentor is to treat each person as a unique individual.  On campus, she helps students identify and empower themselves through her distinct writing-intensive pedagogy and appreciation for culture.

“It is a tremendous honor to receive this award, and one that I was not expecting.” says Quarles. “It means a lot that my colleagues acknowledge my passion for Seaver students and support the work that I am doing. I am grateful for the many opportunities I have had to serve the inspiring and enthusiastic students here on campus.”

Quarles is devoted to reaching students raised outside of the United States. She created and taught a first-year seminar on campus designed to help international students transition to Pepperdine. This thoughtful inclusivity earned Quarles a reputation for being, “enthusiastic, kind, passionate, and caring."


The Impact Award was established to encourage faculty and staff members who reflect the teachings and servitude of Christ, acting out Pepperdine’s motto of “Freely ye received, freely give” (Matthew 10:8). To learn more about the award and past recipients visit the Impact Award website.