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Sabbatical Presentation Series Connects the Pepperdine Community Around the Globe

November 19, 2020  | 2 min read

Each fall semester, the Seaver Dean’s Office hosts the Sabbatical Presentation Series to catch up with faculty members who recently returned from sabbatical research. In fall 2020, the office hosted seven virtual events featuring research accomplishments of 14 faculty across a diverse range of disciplines and topics. 

“I am always so fascinated to hear about the great scholarship of our faculty and the lively discussion it generates among those who attend,” shares associate dean Kindy De Long. “This year, it was especially interesting to hear about the creative ways that faculty in spring sabbaticals pivoted their research due to the pandemic.”

In previous years, colleagues would enjoy lunch and fellowship during the presentation series. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, colleagues gathered in a Zoom room to share presentations. Despite the new format and the challenges of this year, the virtual format continued to connect the community in meaningful and inspiring conversations about their work. Additionally, the virtual format opened attendance for staff and faculty from Seaver’s international programs to attend. 

“It was a bit different to meet by Zoom rather than in person, but the silver lining was seeing colleagues from our international campuses,” De Long says. 

Congratulations to the following faculty members on their research accomplishments: 

Kevin IgaAuthoring a First-of-its-kind Textbook on Supersymmetry
Julianne SmithCharles Dickens and Marie Corelli: Victorian Drama On and Off the Stage, resulting in two publications Victorian Hands and “The Devil & Miss Corelli
Lincoln HanksComposing Look Out! A New Concert Piece for Flute and Piano
Courtney DavisMathematically Modeling the Immune Response to COVD-19
Regan SchafferThe Big Pivot: The Nonprofit Sector and COVID
Ben Postlethwaite Selling Self-Service, Sex, and Sanitizer: Management Research During COVID, resulting in collaborative publication Women Who Sell Sex: A Review of Psychological Research With Clinical Implications
Kristen BrennanHua Yan (1682-1756) and the Making of the Artist in Early Modern China
David SimonowitzPublic Text and Architectural Identity in Modern Amman
Cynthia ColburnColor, Ritual Spaces, and the Politics of Performance before the Minoan Palaces
Jane Kelley RodehefferA Philosopher’s Journey through Brush and Clay
Christina LittlefieldSocial Gospel Muckrakers
Janet TrammellNatural Isn’t Always Better: The Effect of Environment on Cognition
Louise LofquistOperatic Legends Geraldine Farrar and Lilli Lehman
Maire MullinsTending the Wounded in the Civil War: Louisa May Alcott's Hospital Sketches and Walt Whitman's Memoranda for a Year

To learn more about the series, visit the Sabbatical Presentation Series website.