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Four “pillars” lead us in our efforts to serve you, and help you stay connected to your Pepperdine family: Service, Engagement, Tradition, and Support. These cornerstones ever guide us, helping us to remain on course in service to you, our alumni.



Seaver College and George Pepperdine College alumni are Pepperdine’s link to the past and to the future. The Alumni Engagement pillar is designed to create and strengthen mutually beneficial relationships between our alumni and Pepperdine. The programs and events offered through the Alumni Engagement pillar focuses on building relationships with alumni over a period of time to continually develop and sustain their affinity towards Seaver College and George Pepperdine College.


“Freely ye have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8)

Service is a major component of life at Pepperdine. Students begin their year “stepping forward” in the annual Step Forward Day event and continue serving others and serving Pepperdine throughout their time here. Doing for others is something that all Seaver College and George Pepperdine College students have in common. The programs and events offered through the Service pillar provide opportunities for Seaver and GPC alumni to continue serving others as they did when they were students at Pepperdine. Alumni can serve Pepperdine and their communities through programs offered and promoted under this pillar.


College traditions bring together a diverse group of people as they participate in one common experience. In the Tradition pillar, importance is placed on perpetuating that common experience year after year to bring students and alumni together. These are the events and programs that form a bond between all involved and between alumni and their alma mater. Traditions can not only be perpetuated, but can also be created. The events offered within the Tradition pillar are hallmark experiences that both students and alumni can participate in year after year.


The Support pillar focuses primarily on meeting the needs of the Seaver College and George Pepperdine College alumni. It is crucial to the ongoing work of the Seaver/GPC Alumni Affairs office that our alumni feel connected to their alma mater and find the aid they seek in us. Our efforts put forth under the Support pillar touch all of our programs and events, weaving throughout the Service, Engagement, and Tradition pillars.