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Tri Phi Reunion


Since Pepperdine’s humble beginnings in 1937 on the original campus on 79th and Vermont in Los Angeles, and continuing at our beloved Malibu campus since 1972, countless treasured bonds have been formed between students through the special experiences they’ve enjoyed together as Waves. Pepperdine’s fraternities and sororities have played a big role forging these sorts of bonds over the years, and after graduation, many of these alumni groups have put heartfelt effort into staying in one another’s lives. Reunions happen often, taking place in spots all over the globe—some at Waves Weekend each fall in Malibu, and some in more intimate settings.

One such reunion, taking place in September 2023 in Corona, California, was enjoyed by nine members of the Phi Phi Phi fraternity and their guests, now over 50 years since they graduated from the original George Pepperdine College! Alumnus Robert Ricketts ('69) shared this special occasion, highlighting a few reflections from Tri-Phi alumnus Eddie Smith (’69) on what this group has meant to him.

“In friendship and fidelity, bound together in loyalty” — This was part of the Tri-Phi Fraternity song always sung at gatherings. Our first reunion was at the Castaway restaurant in Burbank in 1969. We disbanded when Pepperdine moved to Malibu. We have continued to have reunions and just finished our last one in Corona, California. Most of us are at least 75 years old and I am the last president.

We have had a lot of fun at these reunions telling our stories and reflecting on the “good old days.” It was a different world back then; computers and cell phones were just starting. Our pledge week was amazing. Pledges went on lots of creative scavenger hunts, served a dinner to active members, and bonded with other pledges during various weekly activities. Many funny stories came out of pledge week.

The Tri-Phis were and still are a great group of people. They are all still my best friends in life and we must thank Pepperdine for joining us together for a lifelong experience. Thanks for allowing us to tell our story and good luck to all the future Pepperdiners.