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Peggy Grande ('89) Book Signing

Peggy Grande ('89) hosted book signing on campus


Peggy Grande ('89) was hosted on the Malibu campus to celebrate the accomplishment of her published book entitled, The President Will See You Now, an affectionate and intimate memoir about Ronald Reagan. Peggy served as President Reagan's personal assistant for ten years after he left the White House. During the event, Peggy shared a number of personal stories about her time with the President, and then stayed afterward to sign books and visit with the fifty guests in attendance.

Peggy's stories are not only fascinating to those of us interested in the day-to-day life of senior government leaders in the White House, but they are also inspiring to young communications students at Pepperdine, several of whom were able to attend the event.

About the Book:

The President Will See You Now
is an affectionate and intimate memoir about Ronald Reagan by his longtime personal assistant, who worked closely with the president for 10 years after he left the White House.

Devoted Reagan insider Peggy Grande ('89) shares behind-the-scenes stories, intimate moments, and insights into one of America's most beloved presidents. Grande, who started in the Office of Ronald Reagan as a college student and earned her way into a coveted role as the president's Executive Assistant, offers an unparalleled perspective on the post-presidency of a political icon.

Grande's stories and never-before-seen photos show a unique, private side to a public figure and leader who reshaped conservatism, ushered in an era of prosperity, and helped spur the end of the Cold War. Grande reveals what day-to-day life was like in Reagan's California office, including the former president's relationship with the First Lady and his interactions with friends, world leaders, and everyday Americans. Grande recalls how Reagan kept a vigorous schedule for years after he left the White House, his robust engagement with others, and ongoing political advocacy. Despite his eventual Alzheimer's diagnosis, Grande shows how Ronald Reagan remained true to core beliefs, his gentlemanly kindness, and his undying hope for his country.

Today the Reagan legacy looms over American politics more than ever. Grande reminds listeners why: When Ronald Reagan was president, we not only loved ourselves but also loved America, and the American values he represented: faith, optimism, and patriotism.

Peggy Grande worked in the Office of Ronald Reagan in Los Angeles, CA, from 1989-1999. As a keynote speaker to corporate executives, political organizations, executive assistants, and student groups, Grande inspires audiences with timeless Reagan lessons and principles. A graduate of Pepperdine University, she lives in a suburb of Los Angeles, CA, with her husband, her four children, and two dogs, including Mrs. Reagan's dog, Dutchess.